Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s GirlYou invite me over, because you’ve been so bad and need to be punished. After you let me in you escort me to your living room where you have a few toys spread out on the table.You look up at me and tell me all the bad things you’ve done since our last session. “Wow, you really have been a bad little girl, you’re really going to get it today”I sit down on the couch with in arms reach of all your toys, but before we begin I ask you to bend over across my lap, we must first begin with giving you a little bit of a spanking, get your ass nice and red as a warm up to the rest. I pull down your little shorts exposing your bare ass to the open air, your skin is soft to the touch as I caress my hand around your ass, giving it one soft slap. *Slap*Your ass has a nice firm feeling, I can barely see where my hand slapped you, a little harder this time around, I pull my hand back further and with a little more force *Slap* I can tell that it stung a little as your tightened your ass checks together after my hand made contact.”This is for your own good, I hope you know that” You look back at me and nod your understanding. “Mhmm hmmm” you mutter behind your soft lips.I raise my hand up again and come down a little harder. *Slap* I can see you contort your face a little as this one leaves behind a nice hand print, pink fingers stretch across your ass cheeks. I take my hand and gently rub your ass, I slightly tease your asshole as my fingers wander a little further down.My fingers spread down around your tight little pussy, “I can feel how wet you already are, you know how hard daddy get’s when he feels your wet pussy, and what he will do, why do you make Daddy do this to you, You may get on your knees now, Daddy will need to have his big cock in your mouth now.”You do as instructed and get on your kneesYou help Daddy get his pants undone and pull them down and off, you can already see Daddys cock poking out through his boxers, just peeking out the top is his tip. You look up at me, with those sweet eyes and I can see you licking your lips for Daddy’s treat. “Go ahead I know you want it” and you quickly pull down my boxers, and there it is my large cock fully erect hanging down in your face. I pull your head a little closer to me, and force my cock deep down in your mouth.”How do you like Daddy’s Candy now?” as I hear you gag a little as it’s deep in your mouth. I hold it there just for another moment and release your head from my hands, to Daddy’s surprise you keep holding it for a moment longer before coming back up for air.”Did I do good daddy””Yes, my little girl that’s exactly how I like it, which toy are we going to use on you first I wonder”And I pull your face back down around my throbbing cock.”There’s the little anal plug, I do love toying with your ass when I put that in you, we have vibrator, with bahis şirketleri the clit stimulating piece sitting off the bottom. I do like that one too as it get’s you so wet for Daddy. We have some anal beads, a large dildo, a ball gag I do enjoy you gagged and hear the muffled moans as I use these on you.”I continue to contemplate which toy’s to use on you as you keep my cock nice and wet in your mouth, you work Daddy’s cock better than Mommy. “Mhmm yes my dear, I’m going to need you to stop for a moment and put on the gag for Daddy, he’s going to start his examination now” As you look up at me, with what appears to be sadness in your eyes, you agree and put the reach around grabbing the gag, and placing it in your mouth, I assist with the fasteners and now your mouth is spread open and held there with the gag. I caress the side of your face with my hand and bend down and kiss you on your forehead. “Are you ready my little princess?”I help you down on the couch, I want you on all fours so you get up in position and ready, I pull your shorts the rest of the way off.sit down behind you, admiring the view of your ass in the air, and your tight little holes, ready to be used at Daddy’s pleasure. I spread your cheeks apart and look as your asshole opens up a little, it’s so inviting, I use one hand to keep your ass cheeks spread and toy your little hole with the other, running a finger around your anus and pushing ever so slightly trying to go in but not actually penetrating. Mhmm it’s gotten nice and tight again. I can’t wait till my cock is buried inside it again.Next Daddy goes down a little further to your lovely pussy, it would appear that you have become even more wet after sucking on Daddy’s cock, I run my fingers down the sides of your pussy lips, and than up the middle, where I take one finger and go in.”Oh yes my little girl you are very wet, you’re making Daddy very happy”I push my finger in, and down towards your g-spot. Extending my finger up and down every time I go back in, so it hits that spot every time on the way out. I can start to hear you moan a little through the gag, which just makes me want to give you more and more. But you’re going to get so much we wouldn’t want you to cum so soon or would we.I go a little faster and harder with my finger, I hear you moaning more and more, and just as you’re about to cum. I pull my finger out. I can almost see hear your frustrated moan, followed by a garbled mhmmm.I reach down to the assortment of tables, while I squeeze your ass with one hand I come back up with the lovely anal beads, I do love getting these inside you.I pull apart your ass cheeks again so I can start putting these lovely balls in your ass, they start small but get bigger and bigger.I rest the first one on your ass hole before adding a little bit of lube to your mobilbahis giriş ass, rolling the ball a bit around your tight hole, I begin to push it in, with little effort it goes in completely, as your ass just swallows it up, the second one is up to your ass now a little bigger but should go in no problem we all know you’ve had larger in there before but it’s been a while. I start to push it in and hear you moan out a little, as it pushes past your anus, I pull it a little and watch as it expands out towards me, squeeze it harder I don’t want it coming out, and you clench down harder I can feel you wanting to keep it inside and let go, the third ball just a few moments from entering you, I can tell you want them all inside.* Slap* across your ass. My hand then runs along your ass and giving it a nice squeeze as the balls just dangle out from your asshole. I push it up until it’s right next to your ass, I apply just a little more lube. And start to push it in, You take one hand and pull the other side of your ass to help get it inside you.As it finally rounds your anus, your ass quickly closes around it, with a mhmmm escaping your mouth, and what appears to be your body relaxing a little as it goes in. That means the next one is going to take some work.I push the next one up to your ass, and I can hear you panting as you know it’s going to be a little rough getting it in. I grab the vibrator from the table, and flip it on. I rest it just at the top of your pussy, where your clit is and press it against it, I lightly push the anal bead in, knowing it will take more effort to get it in but love having your ass toyed with I push a little harder making sure it doesn’t go in but just stretches your asshole a little bit more. I can hear another moan escape your mouth, it would seem the vibrator is doing it’s job, I pull it back a little and let it spread open your pussy, and start to push it in not all the way in but just a little.I can actually feel the vibration of it on the anal beads as I pull it out a little until the other one is pulling your ass out, and I push in the vibrator further until it’s all the way in, giving it’s soft hum, the clit stimulator is flicking along on your clit when it’s all the way in. I start to see the other bead escaping your ass hole, a little more and more until it’s all the way out, you put both hands up to your ass holding it open for me.”Now that’s a Good Girl” Your face is now starting to get buried in the pillows of your couch, and your body slightly rocks back and forth as I fuck your tight pussy with the vibrator. I push the anal bead back in and get the next one right up to your ass.I lean up and give your ass a nice kiss, “it’s going in this time”The next bead is ready, and I start to push it in, I’m sure if you could you would be mobilbahis güvenilir mi biting your lip but i can see you biting down against the ball gag as it pushes it’s way inside and makes your asshole open up. Until finally it’s in, your hands drop down to your sides, and move up to force you back on all fours. I pull the vibrator out, and a trail of your juices follows along with it. “It’s time Daddy entered you”, you turn your face back around and I try and smile for Daddy, but the gag has your mouth open to far.I pull the anal beads up a little to make room for me to get behind you. My thick cock is throbbing right now as it wants to enter you, and cum inside you, but which hole to cum in I’m not sure.put my hands around your waist, my cock is nestled up next to your pussy, ready to enter you, I feel one of your hands reach back and rub the tip of my cock.I hear you try and say something, but I only hear grbblbl grarbble. So I start to undo your gag, and it falls out of your mouth as I undo the last latch.”Oh yes fuck me daddy” is what you say.And with those words you guide my dick inside you. A little at first as I do so enjoy the feeling of your wet lips slowly being stretched by my thick hard cock, and I pull you back down onto me as well as I keep going forward until I’m completely inside you.Your hand begins to rub your clit as I pull back out and go back in. I reach up and grab the back of your hair to pull your head back a little. “Mhmm yes Daddy” And I go back in deep and hard, my body slaps against yours with a nice sounding splash, as your pussy is so wet, you rock forward from the force but are pulled back from your hair being pulled back, I reach my hands under to feel your lovely breasts, I pinch your nipples a little as I continue to pump away at your pussy, I feel you constricting against my cock, and flood of your juices washes down around my cock. All I hear is you moaning out with delight.I take one hand away from playing with your nipples and slap your ass *SLAP* leaving a nice pink hand print I run it down around your leg to help pull you back down on me as I go harder and faster.I feel you cum once more, when I think we should have put down a towel or something, I begin to feel my balls tighten, when I know exactly where I want to put my cum. I pull you down so you’re now laying down on your back with your head resting off the side of the couch, my cock goes deep inside your mouth, I see it expanding your throat a little. Fucking your mouth like pussy, I use one hand to play with yours.A few thrusts go by when I push all the way inside your mouth and my cum starts to shoot down your throat, I pull out a little but you swallow me back up and start working my cock taking every last drop of my cum, until I pull out completely.You sit up and smile wide at me, showing me a mouthful of my cum. I pat your head “That’s a Good Girl, you make me so happy, in way’s Mommy never will”You swallow my cum down in a big gulp. “Thank you Daddy, I can’t wait to play again.”Well I’ve got a lot more cum for you go get Daddy a drink and we’ll continue this in a little bit

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