it’s all about the wife

it’s all about the wifeToday when I came in from work I noticed a service truck in the driveway. The type with a ladder rack and all the tool boxes. I parked behind it and walked into the house to see what was in need of service. I walked all through the house looking for either my wife or the worker. I couldn’t find either. So I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and walked out onto the deck to have a look at the pool. That’s where I found my wife along with the guy driving the service truck. My wife was wearing one of her smallest bikinis and she was talking to a tall black man wearing a uniform with a company name on the back of the shirt. I thought at first to walk down and see what was going on but then I thought I’d just wait and see what might happen . I stepped back away from the screen of the porch so I wouldn’t be easy spotted. I watched as my wife pointed out an area where we are planning to install an outside fireplace. At one point she was bending over pointing to the grassy area to be leveled. As see did this the guy was checking out her ass in the yellow bikini bottom. Her dark tan made the bright color really show up. I know my wife and I know how she thinks, she was working all her charms on this poor fellow. He didn’t have a chance in Hell of leaving without having sex with her. I was right, after all the bending over and showing off my wife’s five foot four one hundred pound body caused the worker to have a rise in his work pants. Those türkçe bahis uniform pants are made of a polyester blend and are thin. I know I wear them at my job too. They do nothing to hide a hard cock. My wife has made mine hard while I was at work thousands of times. He was doing his best to hide it from her but from where I was standing I could see it. He held a clip board over the trouser bump to help. My wife noticed that, she walked over and took his tape measure off his belt and started trying to measure where the work was to be done. She asked him to help hold one end of the tape. I laid the clip board down to hold it. That’s when she spotted the bump in his pants. She pressed the button on the tape and caused it to fly back into the case , she then walked over to him . I couldn’t hear what she said but at first the guy looked uneasy. He started to step back away from her but she reached out and rubbed his hard cock through his pants. He stood still as my wife went to work on his belt and zipper. she eased his pants down to the ground and then his boxers. His hard cock almost slapped her in the face. She took the hard cock in her hand and stroked it a few times. Then she took the tape and measured his manhood. I found out later that night it was ten inches. I could see her small white hand on his black tool , her fingers didn’t touch as she stroked it.I stepped back into the house unnoticed to grab another beer. I eased back out to my hiding youwin place to watch more. When I looked down I saw my wife on her knees sucking his cock. He was busy looking around making sure no one could see them. I was hoping she would fuck him too and not just give him head. She sucked his cock long enough that I needed another beer. I slipped back into the kitchen to grab one. As I opened it I felt the need to piss. I sat the beer down and headed to the bathroom down the hall. I had to lean forward in order to piss with a hard dick. When I returned to my spot but I couldn’t see them. I glanced around looking for them. Damn it I thought where are they? I was being a super spy and I tip toed around inside the deck checking out all I could. Shit I said to myself. Where are they? I eased the screen door opened and stepped down onto the sidewalk that leads to the pool. I could see the whole back yard from there and yet they where no where to be seen. I was about to go back in the house when I noticed the side door to my garage was not closed all the way. I bet he took her in there to have sex. He looked freaked out getting a blow job in broad day light. Well I can’t go in without being seen so I had a seat on the screen porch and finished my beer. I knew he couldn’t leave my truck was behind his in the drive way. I decided to go out front and water the new plants I just planted last weekend and wait on them to come out. I watered everything youwin giriş very well and even sprayed off the front walk and my truck. I was rolling up the house when I heard the front door open. I was in the bushes with the house when they walked out. I stayed bent over until I heard my wife say look my husband is home . She was pointing at my truck. I stood up then and said hey sweetheart. The poor fellow almost turned white. I knew I had better ease the tension so I said I just got home and saw the plants looked dry so I watered them. My wife knew this was bullshit but she said OK and then introduced me to Mac, she said he gave me a bid on building the fireplace. I thought I’d have some fun with them, I asked her if she liked the bid? She said yes it was a nice one. I said I hope it wasn’t to big. She said no it was perfect. She and I know what we where talking about and the worker looked like he was about to shit himself. I asked him how long it would take to do the job? Before he could answer my wife said it’ll take him how ever long it takes. I said OK I guess you are going with him to do the job. She said yes I think so, I asked him if he had the right equipment for a job that size? Again my wife answered for him by saying yes honey his equipment is the right size. I smiled and so did she. He nodded his head and started toward his truck. I went to mine and backed it out of his way. After he left my wife and I went inside and I waited to see if she said anything. She didn’t so I told her she looked so good in that bikini I wanted to eat her pussy. I pulled down the bottoms and she said before you do that I need to tell you something. I grabbed her ass cheeks and buried my face in her.

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