one night

one night”Okay, here’s the deal, you are free to make out with her but you can’t put your cock in her. I don’t want another man to fuck her. I just want to watch her make out with you. I want you to get her horny and wanting to cum. Can you do that?””Sure, as long as I get to cum off too! I answered with a laugh.”Carol sat quietly in the only chair in the room. She was overweight but still young enough, skin soft enough to make her a tempting morsal. Apple shaped, her soft brown eyes and hair, her soft full lips, made it easy to imagine kissing her.We undressed. His cock was tiny, shriveled up so it was barely visible. Carol gasped when she saw my long fat swinging, mushroom headed cock. He told Carol to change into her costume. We tried to make small talk but Alex was too preoccupied with my dick. His tiny little dicklette got hard. It grew to be about four or five inches long. I will admit, it made me hot to look freely at another mans dick. Sucking cock was an option in the deal. His looked good.Carol’s costume amounted to a fish net body suit with an open crotch. Alex made each of us rum cokes. We sat on the bed with Carol between us, Alex began to kiss her and fondle her. I reached out and touched the inside of her thigh. Her legs spread open. Alex pressed her to the bed and my fingers gently pressed against her mound, she moaned in delight.”I’m so fucking horny, honey I want to touch that cock, güvenilir bahis şirketleri his long fat dick.”Her words were slurred, she had knocked down quite a few at the bar, we all had.”You want to feel his dick, baby is that what you want? You would like to stroke him, I want to touch him too sweetie, I want to watch you two play.” He said while going to sit in the chair. His dick was hard, the head purple a drop of precum capped it.I turned and kissed Carol. She was hungry, she was ready and wanting to cum off. My fingers found her wet. I slid two of them into her. She pressed hard into my hand “Oh sweet jesus, yes…fuck yes, fuck me, fuck me, meeee, yes, oh my god, Al, I can’t hold it. Al I’m going to ohooooooo.” Her voice disappeared, her whole chubby body shook, she came on my two fingers.”Oh sweet jesus, oh my fucking word Al, jesus I needed that.” I curled my fingers so the tips were caressing her G spot. Her cunt was sloppy wet with her cum. I reached for my own dick and found I had been dripping my precum and my cock head was slick.”Fuck yes, oh baby, watch me cum, i’m going to get mine.” I was about to spray my load on the bed.”No, please squirt it on her cunt, squirt on her cunt.” Al pleaded. It was to late, my hot juice came up and out. “Fuck me, fuck meeee.” I cried out as my orgasm followed the cum.Carol and Al were both masturbating furiously…Carol came first, bets10 giriş her face twisted in almost agony, her nipples hard and her soft skin blushed red around her neck. She came almost silently this time, almost privately as if she were masturbating alone.Alex’s little cock dripped precum down his balls, followed that with rope after rope of cum. He groaned each time a squirt of cum left his balls, running down his shaft and balls onto the floor.After Alex’s hard breathing subside into silence, Carol started laughing and Al and I joined in. I got up this time and fixed the drinks. We were all relaxed now and sat together on the bed. Carol finished her drink, lay on her back and opened her legs. ” I really would like to cum again, anyone want to join me?” She said with teasing smile.Alex was already hard again, he positioned himself between her legs and slid his little cock up in her. He began to pump her. His purpled headed hard dick slipping in and out of her loose sloppy cunt. My dick began to harden at the sound of Carol whimpering her pleasure.”Fuck me, oh fucking yes, yes, yes, oh fuck ohhhhh. Al look at his big fucking cock, Al I want to feel that big dick in me. Oh fuck yes, oh yes…fucking big cock, Al, oh Al, don’t fucking stop, don’t, don’t, ohhhh.” Her voice drifted up again until it disappeared. It was only a few seconds but it felt like hours waiting for Carol’s bets10 güvenilir mi breath to return to her. Alex was pressed hard against her trying to get his little dick up as far into her as he could. He smiled watching her cumming on his hard cock. When her orgasm subsided, he pulled his hard little cock out. “Remember, you can’t fuck her, only I get to fuck her. I didn’t cum off so her cunt doesn’t have man cum in it if you want to give her head.”Carol’s cunt is the biggest I’ve ever seen. Long and when she pulled back her legs, open so as to see deep into her. I could understand why she might like a larger man to satisfy her deep need. Her clit was long also, not abnormally big, just long. She pulled back the surrounding flesh and it jumped out of it’s hood standing proud. I got between her legs and began to gently lick and suckle the woman. Her hands went behind my head but just touched the hair.I let my tongue drop into her wet cunt. I tasted a man’s cum. I know what man’s cum tastes like, I lick my own. It excited me, I dropped my head and sucked on her hole trying to squeeze Alex’s pre cum into my mouth.I felt Alex’s hand cup my balls. He gently stroked, milked my limp cock until it began to swell in his hand, my pre cum dripped. Carol groaned. ” Oh yes, suck me, suck mmmeeee.” Behind me, while holding my hardening dick, I could hear Alex jerking himself. “Fuck, fucking big cock. Oh jesus, I’m going to cum off. I’m cumming, cumming, cummmmmmming off.I sat back and finished the job Alex had started. I came, I squirted my hot cum all over Carols cunt. “Yes, cum. cum on me,cum on my cunt oh fucking yes, oh fucking yes. cum, cum baby.”I heard the ice clink in the glass.

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