Trained as a Urinal


Trained as a Urinal**NOT MY STORY****NOT MY STORY****NOT MY STORY** just liked what i read and wanted to share it——Sir is a beautiful man! He is in his mid 40’s, 6′ tall and has a beautiful hard body. His short dark hair and blue eyes make me weak. He has a perfect cock, just under 7″ but thick and I can’t keep my mouth off of it!I was his regular cocksucker for a while, coming over whenever he needed to get off. Sir works hard and doesn’t have time to date, so I got a lot of time on his cock! He always wants me naked, but sometimes has me wear a pair of sexy panties when I’m servicing him. He insists that I wear a steel chastity cage to prevent my cock from getting hard. He wants to be the only hard cock in the room!”You are such a good cock sucker.” He said as I sat back on my heels, my mouth open, showing him his latest load. “Stay just like that boy.” He said as he got up and walked to the bathroom. I savored his big, tasty load as he loudly pissed in the toilet. Sir returned right away and stood in front of me, his half hard cock still wet with my saliva and a large drop of piss visible at the slit on his cock head.”Swallow and clean me boy.” I happily swallowed his load and reached out, licking the piss from his cock. I then swallowed his cock and started sucking him clean. I enjoyed the few more drops of piss that oozed out of his dick in the process.Sir knew I enjoyed the taste of piss, but I had never tasted his before. As I was trained to do, I crawled to the kitchen and brought Sir a beer. As he began to drink, I sat between his feet, basking in my role as his cum whore.”Thank you Sir for allowing me to serve you, and for allowing me to taste your piss.” I said very sincerely. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Sir said nothing, but raised an eyebrow at my grateful statement. I knew I was to wait until Sir directed my next move. Sometimes he would have me work a second load from his cock.”You like my piss boy?” Sir asked as he took another drink.”I love it Sir!” I replied enthusiastically.Sir simply nodded and quietly drank his beer. Without a word he handed me his empty bottle. “Another Sir?” I asked and he nodded in the affirmative.Sir drank his second beer while I gently sucked on his smooth balls. I moved to take his cock in my mouth, but Sir shook his head to stop me.”I’m going to train you to swallow my piss boy.” Sir said as he stood and gestured for me to follow him to the bathroom.Sir pointed to the area next to his toilet and I knelt before him. He placed the head of his cock in my open mouth and his hot piss began to flow.I was overwhelmed by the strong flavor of my Master’s urine and despite my frantic swallowing, his piss began running out of my mouth and down my chest, dripping from my chastity cage. My cock felt like it would explode in its steel captivity.”I need you to not spill it boy.” Sir said as he stopped his stream, allowing me to catch up. He continued in short streams as I swallowed until his bladder was empty and my belly full.”I have an idea to make you more useful to me boy.” Sir said as I cleaned his cock with my mouth.”You will learn to drain my balls and my bladder without spilling a drop!” He said sternly.Each cocksucking session after that ended with me taking his piss. I soon learned to open my throat and let his stream drain down my throat güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri without spilling a drop! I would later enjoy pissing out his urine and often drank it again!Sir asked me one day to come over to watch a football game. He told me that since I was his urinal, he would not have to get up and miss any of the game! I was to be his cock sucker, waiter and urinal! I was beyond excited!I arrived at his place and as soon as I stepped inside, I stripped down to just my chastity cage. “Grab me a beer and we will get started.” I brought Sir a beer and got down between his legs, taking his cock in my mouth and sucking his beautiful rod. A few minutes later, he tapped my on the head and handed me his empty bottle. I returned with a fresh beer and resumed sucking his cock. I was soon rewarded with a thick load of Sir’s delicious cum. As I was cleaning his cock, Sir looked at me and said one word.”Drink.”I positioned my head, with his cock in the back of my mouth and looked up at him. Sir’s blue eyes met mine and his hot flow began to fill my throat! I maintained eye contact the entire time. I could feel the flow of his piss through his cock with my mouth and tongue. His rushing stream felt amazing as it ran down my throat!Too soon, Sir’s bladder was empty and I sucked his cock dry before going to get him another beer. I returned and took my place between his legs. After a few minutes, my bladder was aching for release. “Sir.” I said, “I need to pee.”Sir laughed and said he would soon too!I was in heaven as I drained his piss from my caged cock and marveled at entire experience!I took three loads of piss and two loads of cum from him by the end of güvenilir bahis şirketleri the game! When he sent me away, Sir told me to plan for next weeks game!I arrived the following week to find Sir had two buddies at his house. I was shocked when he told me I was going to serve all of them, exactly as I had him the week before! He ordered me to strip, but handed me sexy little maid’s outfit to put on! Leading me into the living room, Sir told everyone how things would work. If they wanted a beer, they just said, “beer” if they wanted their cock sucked, they were to just get my attention and point at their cock. If they had to piss, they were just to say “urinal.”I was shaking with excitement as one of the men asked Sir if I could really drink a load of piss.Sir responded by simply saying “Urinal.”I dropped to my knees in front of Sir, pulled down his sweats and got in position. As Sir’s piss drained down my throat, the men laughed and commented what an awesome game this was going to be!I cleaned Sir’s cock and went to get beer. As I returned to the living room, the men were all naked and sitting on the couch. When I passed out the beer, Dave was pointing at his cock…I was kept busy the entire game sucking cock, swallowing cum and lots of piss! I was running to the bathroom constantly to drain the men’s urine from my body! Towards the end of the game, I realized that despite drinking only piss, I had a strong beer buzz!Apparently, before the game, the men placed bets on the score. At half time, Sir said the winner of the bet would get to fuck the boy (me!). As the game ended, Sir’s friend Charlie declared himself the winner to the cheer of the other men. Charlie had me get on the floor, face down and ass up so he could claim his prize! I had sucked him off twice, so I knew I was in for a long fuck! I was not disappointed! Sir and Dave cheered Charlie on as he roughly fucked me on the living room floor!There were several more game days like this before I moved away… I miss them badly!

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