Vanilla and Curry – just a story

Vanilla and Curry – just a storyI’m Jack, your average married 55 year old guy. I keep fit through hard work. My long suffering wife Julie, is eight years my junior and has a lovely curvy figure with a great pair of breasts. We’ve been married some 20 years and we’ve got used to vanilla sex. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE VANILLA but sometimes I would like a curry!I’m stretched out on our bed naked, bound hand and foot. The sun streaming through the picture windows in our bungalow. 5 minutes ago Julie called me in to the kitchen. “You said something about trying bondage.”“Yes” I said with a quizzical look. “Well let’s do it” was Julie’s eager reply. “What about Mrs Maguire (our 60 year old cleaner)” Julie then informed me that her mother had just phoned saying Mrs M was due to do her place this morning but her daughter just called to say she was sick. A big beaming smile crossed my face and I hurried to grab the parcel with the bondage ropes and cuffs. Just as I reached the package Julie grabbed it. “I agreed to bondage but I didn’t say who was getting bound.”I didn’t care, I was in for some ‘curry sex’. “Strip” was her command. So I did. Julie ran her fingers over my balls and lightly grasped my dick while standing behind me. Gently stroking my blood filled shaft. “Not bad! Now don’t move or the fun is over.” There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. I didn’t move a muscle, except for the rise in my dick. Julie popped into the bathroom undoing her dress as she went. Her dress crumpled to the floor and I caught a glimpse of her tight ass as the door closed. It felt an age before her return. Stocking, suspender and high heels. Nothing else except a feather duster! She was enjoying attaching the cuffs to my wrists and tied ropes to my ankles. I gave Julie a frown as she handed me a glass of water!Cocking her head to the left she instructed “Well take your ‘blue pill’ and get on the bed.” Like a k** with a new toy I gulped the water, the pill and laid out, spread-eagled. Julie, being a yachts woman soon had me secured to the bed. She opened the window and the heat from the sun bathed my body. Closing my eyes from the light I didn’t see the blindfold until it was too late. But to my surprise it came to rest on my forehead. Julie proceeded to tidy the room – the cleaner wasn’t coming. Julie took every opportunity to bend over while tidying and dusting. Every time she bent over her pussy would show, framed by her ass and thighs – wonderful. Her breasts swayed hypnotically. I couldn’t take my eye off her body. “Did you enjoy that?” I nodded as she grasped my prick and started stroking me again. The pill was working. Julie announced that she’d have to run a few errands for her mother and that she’d be at least an hour. “Your pill should be fully operational by the time I return.” Pulling on a medium length skirt and a tailored white shirt Julie did a twirl. The skirt was modest. The shirt was tailored to fit perfectly in all the right places. A pair of hard, prominent nipples were clearly visible to even the most casual glance. “You’ve forgot you bra and nickers”She shot me a smile that takes twenty years off her face – she’s beautiful “I didn’t forget. You can’t complain, you’re always trying to get me out of them.” Smiling she pulled the blindfolded down. I couldn’t believe my wife would go out without her nickers and a bra, especially on her own. The thought gave me an immediate erection. I jumped a mile when she clamped her mouth around my dick and gave me a 15 second blowjob – then nothing. She had gone.I was enjoying the suns warmth and total seclusion. I dozed loosing track of time. A warm breeze wafted passed my balls and along the shaft as I came too. A warm sensation formed around my erect bahis siteleri canlı member’s head. So gentle initially, I thought I was imagining a hot mouth encompassing my swollen helmet. I sighed and lift my hips to get further in. It wasn’t a dream. Julie now had a firm grip on my prick’s base and controlled the speed and depth as she took me in her mouth. Julie came late to blowjobs and didn’t really enjoy giving oral but accepted one readily enough. Today she was giving great head. Thinking things couldn’t get better, she slid me down her throat and gaged. Well it was all I could do not to explode. When her throat contracted around my engorged head for the third time, I shouted “I’m coming, I’m coming” Julie never lets me cum in her mouth, even if I beg. Sure enough my prick was release from her fantastic actions. That’s the best head she’s ever given. I was desperate for her to finish me off. “Pleassssseee.” I begged.Nothing! The bed started to move and her thighs rubbed along my body as she slipped her soaking pussy from my stomach, up my chest and stopping at my mouth. The trail of pussy juices cooling in the breeze from the windows. Settling her cute ass on my chest she controlled the pressure of her soaking pussy on my mouth – not a word said. I greedily licked along the silt, past her hot hole and up to her clit. On my second pass I licked all over the clit hood very firmly and surprise, surprise she’d got a bald pussy. I nearly came and begged to have the blindfold off to feast on the new view. Nothing said but she pressed herself firmly on my mouth and wriggled her hot cunt until I started again. Each of her lips received my tongues attention. Her clit came in for some intense licking. Varying the pressure, speed and duration was causing little shock waves to cascade over her body. For a good half an hour I teased that wonderful pussy, until she tensed rock hard and screamed – unbelievable she even squirted! Five firsts today for Julie, bondage, no nickers, deep throat, screaming and squirting. I love curry! She licked her cum from my lips before sliding down to my painfully erect member. With her warm thighs on either side of my chest she put one hand on the base of my dick and the other hand just below my prick’s inflated head. Inserting the tip into her mouth she sucked the head in. After a little playing she spun around and steading herself over my pulsing dick. My pill is doing a marvellous job giving me an erection a 20 year old would be proud of. She pointed my dick towards her love hole, being soaking with my saliva and her cum juices, my head slid in – very smoothly. Julie clenched her cunt and held me there without moving. She was ready for me to thrust and try to burry my dick deep inside. She easily pushed me down and or her up but the result was the same. My prick’s head remained unmoved. Desperate the plunge fully inside her I strained against the ropes and cuffs but she had full control. Only when I relaxed did she teasingly slide down my pole, without stopping until she crushed our pubis together. The slow and constant slide made my prick feel twice as long and Julie moaned as she reached the bottom of the slide. Being soaking, she immediately went for it. All the way up and let gravity pull her down. Faster and faster, my neck, chest, back, legs and feet, everything tense, ready for an atomic explosion. She then just pulled off. For the second time today my prick was left naked and cold. I screamed in frustration. Julie collapsed on my chest obviously lost within her own orgasm. She was totally oblivious of my needs. One good orgasm and Julie is done. So imagine my surprise when 2 minutes later, she turned around and sank my prick fully into her mouth. 3 or casino firmalari 4 strokes and I am being taken past her tongue and in to her throat. 2 more full sides from the tip of her mouth to embed as far as possible down her tight throat and she stopped. There she stayed gaging knowing the torment this was having on my enlarged nob. That’s it, my previous almost orgasms have joined forces and the explosion rampaged throughout my bound body. The dam bursts in pulses. The first and largest pulse shoots cum down her throat. As she pulls back to breathe the remaining cum shoots in her mouth. I can feel her tongue rub my sensitive shaft as she swallows my deposits – another first – I’m in heaven. She sucked every drop and I’m spent. Julie quickly licks my balls and prick clean. The bed moves as she gets off and I can hear dress. Then some paper is ripped off of the note pad by the phone, then my wallet hitting the floor!I’m still blindfolded and I whisper “Julie that was out of this world. You can tie me up anytime.” Nothing – she had gone again! I’ve just has the best sex of my like and Julie didn’t say a word! My dick is leaking and all I can do is wait for Julies return – again. It didn’t take me long to doze off but this time with the biggest smile ever.My dick is once more hard but that’s not what woke me. It felt like someone was tapping my dick. The blindfold was removed and I’m blinded by the sun still streaming in. There is Julie with the feather duster (the wrong way around) tapping my dick with the cane handle. “Looks like you’ve started without me. You’ll have to be punished for that.”I’m confused and she is still tapping my dick. I can now see the remains of my cum seeping out of my dick’s tip and onto my stomach. I open my mouth to speak as Julie gives a hard whack across my dick with the makeshift cane. I take a sharp intake of breathe and squirm in my bondage. “Not a word from you till I say or you’ll get six of the best, plus your punishment.” Julie’s cheeky smile once more lights up the room. I’m quiet as she starts to strip. Fantastic. The shirt is unbuttoned but not immediately removed. Julie knows how sexy she looks when you can see her lovely tits playing ‘peek-a-boo’ as she moves around. Facing the windows she releases her skirt and sways her hips as it falls to the floor. Now the shit’s coming off – gorgeous. Bending over to tease me she picks up her skirt and pops into the bathroom. The quickest shower ever and she’s back. Now standing completely naked – what a sight. Pretty face, strong shoulders supporting two splendid breasts with pencil hard nipples pointing slightly up. Hour glass waist and hips that support her peach shaped ass. High heels accentuating her shapely legs ending at her nicely trimmed pussy! TRIMMED PUSSY. Who had I just had great sex with? Dazed I didn’t see Julie release my bound limbs or the COMAND to turn over. However, she brought me back to reality with two sharp whacks across my pulsing prick. WHACK, WHACK. My hands flew to protect my precious bits.Wincing and rubbing my dick I shouted “What’s that for.”“Not doing as you’re told. Now turnover.”Rubbing my dick better I rolled over. The punishment doing nothing to deflate my member. These ‘blue pills’ are really something! Before I had finished turning, ropes and cuffs are being attached. This time my wrists are fixed together and restrained on the headboard. My ankles are secured to a spreader bar and then to the bottom of the bed. Julie slides her hand between my legs, grabbing my balls firmly. Then she pulls me vertically up. I arched my back automatically to take the pressure off my balls. Easily holding me up by my balls she slips a pillow under me. Releasing my sensitive bits I settled casino şirketleri down now with my bum in the air. Julie pulled my head back by grabbing my hair with one hand. As my throat stretched, down dropped my jaw. Instantly a ball gag was forced in between my teeth. Releasing my hair the gag is firmly secured. Struggling against my bonds, I trash about with little effect. Desperate to remove the gag. I didn’t know she had one. Never seeing a real one before, let alone in my mouth, I panicked. Finding I could breathe I relaxed. Chuckling at my sudden outburst. I was then informed that because I had obviously had a wet dream while she was away, I was to be punished for starting without her. Unable to protest and feeling a little guilty, I waited in anticipation to what might happen next. I didn’t have to wait long!“One, two, three, four” was shouted as the cane handle punished my raised and never before punished bum. Julie rubbed her cool hand across my hot and now stripy bum. Tickling my balls gently she asked, “do you think that sufficient or do you deserve another two?”Shaking my head and grunting through the gag. She laughed. “I agree.” Great I relaxed waiting for the real fun to begin. “Five,” I would have jumped off of the bed if not for the restraints. Tears formed in the corners of my eyes. She must have hit the same spot from an earlier strike. That one really hurt! Waiting for the sixth – nothing! I relaxed. That was my mistake. As soon a she saw me relax……“Six and done. Blimey that must have smarted?” was Julie’s casual response.Just wait till it’s my turn I thought!“Rollover but keep the pillow under your bum. I want your dick high in the air. I’m going to give you the fucking of your life.” Little did she know that was a very tall order now! Straddling my head she lowered her trimmed pussy over my face. I could feel her hard nipples, surrounded by warm tits, on my chest as she bends down towards my groin. My lovely wife’s mouth engulfed my limp member as I continued my labour of love on her clit. I worked my magic around her aroused pussy. Her juices dribbled down my chin as I tantalise every millimetre of her womanly charms. Her first orgasm was no more than a tremor, so I happily continued. Although Julie doesn’t like giving head, she was giving it a go. I can’t ask for more, can I? Just as her love hole was starting to quiver Julie scampered down, turned around and in one movement took my dick roughly in one hand and placed the tip in her juicy pussy, forcing herself all the way down in one movement. She groaned. I forced my hips up to meet hers. We squeezed our hips together while she got used to the sudden intrusion. Slowly we pulled apart so that just my tip stayed in. In unison we plunged together. A small shudder ran through her body. A low purr escaped her lips as her orgasm started. I encouraged her on by bucking my hips. We built up speed as another orgasm, much larger this time, ripped through her body. She collapsed trying to catch her breath. She reached one set of cuffs and released one hand. I removed all of my bonds as she lay beside me naked. A salmon pink glow spreading over her chest. She was totally spent. I had yet to cum. I rolled her over raising her bum in the air and I slipped into her puffy pussy again – under her protests. I banged that tight pussy hard. Slapping her bum cheeks with my thighs on every thrust. I exploded deep in Julie’s warm, moist, red, puffy pussy. I was spent too. I now lay beside Julie regaining my composure. Not a HOT curry but definitely not vanilla. Later I picked my wallet up that had fallen on the floor during my blindfolded experience. Tucked inside was a note that said ‘Mom asked if I could come over and do her cleaning jobs this afternoon after work. I hope my cleaning was satisfactory? Perhaps next time I could be bound? Call me if you’re interested” and gave her number. I love my wife but sometimes I fancy a HOT curry!!!!!! Do you think I should go for a curry soon? Yes or No you decide!

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