At The Stables – Mating The Mare.


At The Stables – Mating The Mare.At The Stables – Mating The Mare.PreambleI’m David, 35 attractive with a hard body. Toned after two years fixing this place up. I was your average horny husband and never strayed. My wife and I enjoyed an active but vanilla sex life. I have no complains. We would fuck at the drop of a hat and enjoyed oral especially, if one was tired or we had time limitations. That ended two years ago in a car crash in which my wife died. The compensation from the crash paid for these rundown stables and the money to fix them up. Oh and I can’t father c***dren! Other than that I now have six very wealthy horse owners. Their fees alone will keep the stables at break even and we’re expanding.Julie is I8 and Mary is I6. They have become lovers. However I was honoured to be given Mary’s virgin pussy to fuck while watched and encouraged by her lesbian lover.Mating The MareToday the General and his wife, Lucy, are having their mare, Sapphire mated. It soon gets around all of the stable girls when a horse is to be mated. It arouses everyone more than a wedding. Surely that’s because you get to see the action. I suppose that would change if the wedding guests got to see the bride being mounted….Yes?…… Of course…At the appointed hour the paddock is empty except for the stallion, mare and their owners and of course bakırköy escort me. However if you take the time to look around you will see all of the stable girls heads appearing at every subtle viewing position. Julie and Mary are together. Julie is behind her lover, her hands already under Mary’s checked shirt.Lucy looks enviously as her Mare is held and the stallion is encouraged to mount. At the second of penetration we could hear a chorus of “I wish” from the hiding stable girls. Honestly my dick swells with the sexual excitement. After the mating I go back to do my managers job. Some of the stable girls help with the catering for both owners. Traditionally here we open a bottle of champagne or two and have a few nibbles. I would rather take the General’s wife into Sapphire’s stable and show the mare how we mate! I may suggest this to the General when I next see him.The event went well. By mid-afternoon everything is back to normal. I clear the remaining celebrations away. As I put the empty bottles back into their case, I notice one missing. I’m not interested whether it was unopened, empty or a little left; it’s just odd!Chores done I return to fixing a loose rainwater gutter. Passing the last, and supposedly empty stable, I hear a smack. I guess the show earlier still has some stable beşiktaş escort girls horny. To be honest I was hoping to fuck my red-headed bookkeeper but she left immediately after the mating. I guess her lover is getting the benefit by now! Anyway, the slap. The top half of the stable door is open, just like all of the others. So it is easy to pop my head around the doorjamb to see what’s happening. Well!!!!!!!!!Julie has her s1xteen year old lover is naked and strapped securely over a saddle, atop a rail. She’s standing, bent over the saddle with a makeshift spreader bar fixed to her ankles. Her elbows are fixed tight to the rail under the saddle. Her pussy is exposes and clearly excited and her young tits dangle free. Mary looks so sexy, exposed, vulnerable and aroused; the stable smells of sex. There is the missing bottle of Champaign, it’s almost empty. Julie swigs the remains, dripping some over her well rounder bosom. Did I say that she too is naked? Well dear reader she is! Both girls are stunning naked. I shall have to take Julie’s car keys as they are both giggling drunk. It will be very nice to fuck them both before work in the morning, if not before….or both!I’m openly leaning on the closed half of the stable door as I wait to see what’s next. Julie playfully slaps Mary’s ass. Her beylikdüzü escort ass gradually turns bright pink as it is repeatedly smacked. Julie moves in close and after rubbing her friend’s ass she slips a finger into her lover’s pussy. I can clearly hear her juices as she is finger fucked. Occasionally Julie slaps her lovers swinging tits. Young Mary is moaning through a gag; I’ve only just seen. Although Mary appears to be struggling against her bonds, her purring says she having fun. “You wanted to know what’s is like for the Mare? Julie asks. Mary groans as she remember the stallion’s dick. Her moans become deeper as her lover pushes the end on the Champaign bottle into her pussy. Mary tosses her head as she is ruthlessly fucked by the bottle and her girlfriend.Mary is fighting her rapidly rising orgasm. Through her gag she does her best to beg, ‘please can I cum. Please….oh fuck please..” Julie continues fucking her lesbian lover. Eventually she says, “Yes. Cum….Cum now.” Instantly Mary goes ridged. Moments later she shakes violently as she’s overcome with her orgasm.Not wishing to interfere I slip away and leave the lovers to play. To relive my frustrations I pop into the General’s monitoring room and load last weekend’s video of ‘Lucy’s Fucking Night’. I get my hard best friend out and slowly stroke him while I watch me fucking Lucy from behind. She has been spanked by the General before he watched me fuck his younger wife.All too soon I blow my load. ‘I must remember to get Julie’s car keys!’Thanks for reading another of my stories. If you would like more stable stories just let me know?Kind regardsJack

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