Choices…..Wow… You pick this story up at the end of a crazy night clubbing in Ibiza…. what started off as a quiet drink, ended up as a crazy night of excess!What an amazing night, so much laughter & amazing fun was had, I was literally on cloud nine. little did I know, but this was only just the beginning of one of the most memorable nights of my life…….We had been out to an amazing club night, a load of us, me & friends, got a little twisted on Ecstasy & before we knew it, the club was closing..As per usual, I has been wandering around & chatting to anyone that would listen, for the last HR I has been dancing in front of a speaker with 2 girls that were obviously on the same wavelength. We had been bouncing up & down for hours, and even though not spoken much, we had a bond…..I left the venue with the two girls and started to look for my mates…After waiting & milling around for 30 mins or so, talking complete shit to too many randoms, & buzzing off each others company, me & the girls decided to get a cab back to our villa, obviously we would hook up with all our friends there…?After a 20 min taxi ride, dancing in the back seat of the cab, we were at my villa.Wow, the scenery was amazing… as we arrived, the sun was just coming up over the mountains, we staggered along the garden path, talking shit & hugging each other as the ecstasy and open air took hold…. Before We knew it we were upstairs… quickly I sorted drinks for the girls. As the sun came up over the terrace, I sipped slowly on my JD & coke, relishing the moment…Gabriella & Suzanna, the two beautiful spanish girls I had spent the night with were both giggling & enjoying the cold champagne that we had, whilst looking over the harbour. “This is so romantic” I spluttered in my dodgy spanish, the girls looked at each other & laughed, they spoke perfect english, but I still attempted to speak spanish to them, which they found cute. “Si” Gabriella whispered in my ear, as she sat behind me, hugging me closely.“Si” said Suzanna, as she kissed me on the cheek, & lay her head on my lap. We were all very ‘loved up’ & every physical touch sent us to heaven. Every fiber of my body was electric & every touch from these two girls was sending shivers down my spine & giving me goose pimples, not to mention a painful erection, that I was desperately trying to hide!The sound system & music we had in the villa was amazing, a great triply, trancey vibe with weird vocals. I was rushing big tim. Suzanna was still rolling her head on my lap, her head brushing my crotch, arousing me even more, I don’t know if she knew what that was doing to me, but any guy will tell you….Gabriella meanwhile was sat behind me, and had her arms around my waist, I could feel the heat from her erect nipples rubbing gently on my back as she hugged me.We all swayed together for a while, enjoying the contact, & non spoken intimacy… Suzanna moved her head more & more on my lap, & there was no denying that I liked it… My shorts were standing upright like a tent, this was not helped by Suzanna’s soft moaning, & stroking.All the time I was kind of distracted by Gabriella’s hard nipples rubbing against my back, & also feeling the heat of her crotch pushing against my lower back.These were two amazingly beautiful girls, Gabriella had a porn star body, amazingly thin, cute ass, & the most amazing tits, larger than you would expect for such a skinny girl. Suzanna, was medium build, but, OMG she had the best ass you have ever seen, and to compliment that, her smallish pert tits, sat up to attention & looked amazing…… I was wrecked!!! totally smashed, whenever I spoke to the girls, it came out as gibberish…. I was really fucked… but then again, we all were….I was in a serious quandary, I fancied both of these girls but didn’t wan’t to blow my chances with either, & make the other feel rejected. All the time I was coming up again, and not in full control. I was loving any contact…. all I wanted was some serious action, but how do you get rid of one girl & manage to keep the other?? more to the point, how do I hold it together….?I was rushing big time, maybe a quick line would sort me out…? “I need to go to the toilet”, I said, @ that moment, both girls sat up, & gave me serious ‘puppy eyes’ “don’t be long” Gabriella said, “we don’t want the night to end yet” said Suzanna….WTF is that meant to mean???, I went to the toilet, racked myself a huge line to straighten myself out, & had a quick wash… I was buzzing to say the least! I had no game plan, I was too wrecked,fuck it, I thought, lets just chill & enjoy the company..As I walked out, the two girls were sitting on the sofa, as if butter wouldn’t melt, “Hey, how are you guys” I asked… I was met with stoney silence…I wondered what had happened whilst I was away….There was definitely a change in mood. I had heard loads of heated chat whilst I was away… what was the outcome….?“Do you guys want me to go?” I asked…Silence…..Shit…….game over, judging by their stony faces they were going…. I needed to make peace…. I thought.Both of the girls were sitting together on the floor of the balcony, arms wrapped around each other & clearly deep in discussion…Fuck it, I was off my head, & had no barriers…. just say what you think..I started to spout…..“OK, cards on the table” I said, “ I cannot believe that you two are here, I think you are both so beautiful, and amazing… I just don’t want anyone else to turn up,I want you both to myself! Over the mark? needy? fuck…. lets see, shit this was one of those moments you wish you had just shut the fuck up!”Gabriella, I have never seen a body as amazing as yours, you hypnotise me with your figure, you are like a model!””Suzanna, I don’t think I have ever seen a better ass, or cuter face than yours, You are both sooooooo amazing!”What a twatt! God, here I am, off my head with 2 stunners & that is the best I can come up with!!! what a looser!!With this they both rushed over to me & gave me a huge hug, “aaah we love you to”! I could feel amazing tits rubbing against me, & hot wet crotches rubbing against my thigh. Oh dear, if either of them were to look down I would show myself up even more!The d**gs have made me super horny, & I am in an amazing villa with 2 stunning girls, all I want, is contact & sex, the way I feel any contact sets me off….Fuck it…. just say it I thought……Silence for what seems like hours….“I have to say this,” before I know it, I am blurting out words…..”I think you are both amazing, & the way I feel at the moment, I just want to spend you both all night but I love being with you both, & don’t want to have to chose one of you”……. bursa escort “Shit I’m sorry, did I just say that? Fuck, I’m wrecked, sorry, please don’t be offended… I shouldn’t have said that”Eeek, I kind of blurted that one out…Silence…More silence, & stony faces from the two amazing beauty’s facing me… Fuck! I’ve blown that…… early night for me I thought…More silenceRight about now, I am feeling pretty insecure… Thats it, I’ve fucked it…… bed time alone for me I thought .There was an exchange in Spanish that seemed to go on for ever….that I was way too slow to comprehend, then, Gabriella held my hand & said, “you don’t have to choose… why would you? why can’t we all enjoy the moment together?”As Gabriella said those words, she took hold of my hand, and gently eased it down into her bikini bottoms, “you see” she said, she was soaking wet, her neatly trimmed crotch, was wet & very hot….”I feel the same” The two of them obviously found my reaction funny…..shock, who wouldn’t be shocked? Suzannah tapped me on the shoulder, I turned round just in time to see her pull her hand out of her bikini bottoms, “taste this” she said, raising 2 fingers to my lips, they were sticky, & covered with the most erotic taste I had ever experienced. “you like?” she asked…. No reply was required, both girls giggled & stood up, then disappeared to the bathroom….. OMG WTF! I was near explosion!!!I quickly downed my JD & coke, and poured myself another generous measure…. Wow, I was rushing! I was trembling with excitement, and the music was just making me want to dance! That will be the E I kept telling myself… convincing myself that the d**gs were making me feel, and see things that were not really happening….I stood on the balcony watching the sun come up, whilst dancing to the music, & drinking JD…. wow, I felt good.It seemed like ages, it probably was, & I don’t know how, but when the girls both emerged from the bathroom, they both had sexy lingerie on! WTF!!! how did that happen??? (Later I realised there was a walk in wardrobe to the en-suite, that the girls I was sharing with had. That is where they had been hiding) By the looks of it, they had the sex kitten look nailed!!!“Err… umm OH”… was all I could muster.I don’t think it needed any translation….They both walked back into the room, holding hands, They knew what they looked like, what a tease!!! Before I knew it, I had 2 sets of amazing tits pressed into my face, sexy lacy bras making the most of the beautiful tits that were pert, with erect nipples protruding through the lace.”Mucho Gusto!” I heard, from one of the girls… OMG, they were playing me! As they both drew closer, they straddled one leg of mine each, their fishnet clad legs brushing against my thighs…Fuck me, this was amazing… their touch was bringing me higher & higher, & I was covered in goose pimples, and rushing big time…..Both the girls could see, & somehow sense that I was struggling, with this, they both slowly lowered themselves onto my thighs, writhing their hot lacy crotches onto my leg…..‘That helps” I thought…. hold it together I kept telling myself… I didn’t want to come, & ruin the moment…Both of my hands reached down between the girls legs… I was met with moans of pleasure, just my touch, seemed to send them crazy! The ecstasy heightened all of our sensations, to the point of explosion. They were both neatly shaven, with a small ‘landing strip’ of neatly groomed pussy hair… this was the sort of thing dreams are made of…“we have decided that we feel sexy!” Gabriella exclaimed… Suzannah added “I love wearing this sexy clothes, I feel so horny, & sexy… How do I look to you?”“umm fine” was all I could muster… Suzannahs face dropped.. “only fine?” Who was I k**ding…. “Ha ha, better than fine, Waaaay, better than fine! you two look amazing! You look hotter than most of the porn stars I have ever seen! You look amazing!!!”“you think we could be porn stars?” gabriella asked?? “Is that good or bad?”“trust me beautifaul, it is aaaaaalllll good!, normally this time of night if I was feeling horny, I would watch porn, You two are way hotter than any porn I have ever seen!””Ahhh you like us!” with this the girls stood up, & both straddled me, dancing to the music, I was locked into watching their crotches circling above my head, as their fishnet clad legs swayed overhead. Surely this was a dream…?“Shall we have a shot?” Gabriella asked… I started to sit up, but suzanna pushed me back down onto my back.“yes! Baileys please” Suzanna asked. Gabriella reappeared seconds later with 3 shot glasses. “Salut” they said, as I watched them down their shots… Gabriella had milky baileys dribbling down her chin… “Errm, what about me?” I feebly asked… still unable to take my eyes off the gyrating crotches, & beautiful fishnet clad legs in front of me.“You want a drink? ahhh ok, you can have, but we have no glasses left!” Suzanna said with a wink. With that, Gabriella lay next to me, with her legs in the air, she slowly removed her lacy knickers, and spread her legs wide. suzanna positioned herself between Gabriela’s legs, & swiftly necked a shot of baileys…. except she didn’t swallow. She reached down between suzannas legs & spread her vagina open, she then kissed her, “ooh, ooh, it’s cold!” Suzanna said, as Gabriella forced Bailey’s from her mouth, into Suzanas vagina….. “here’s your shot” Suzanna said, as she swiftly straddled my face, lowering her glistening crotch over my face, “Drink baby” Gabrialla said as Suzannah slowly reached between her legs, spreading her lips open, baileys started to dribble out, glistening in the light, As Suzannah squatted over my face, a trickle of baileys dribbled from her, the lower she got the more flowed out….. Finally she landed on my face, smothering the sticky alcohol over my face….. “That tasted much better than from a shot glass” I managed to say…. Gabriella joined me & kissed me full on the lips, licking & relishing every drop…. “ I agree….. best ever, who needs shot glasses!”I will never forget the sensation of Gabriella sucking my balls & taking them into her mouth , whilst I was fucking Suzanna, I could feel her tongue eagerly licking around my sack, lapping up our combined juices…. “Ola” she said coming up to face me, she had the cutest sexy face, as she kissed me, she tasted of sex, she dribbled spit over my lips, a combination of spit, & sex juices… “ I need to feel something inside me now please” Suzanna slowly raised her wet crotch off me, leaving a sticky wet trial, she then slid down my chest, rubbing her wet juices all over me… “I was enjoying that” she said petulantly. “you can still have fun” Gabriella bursa escort bayan winked at her. I was treated to the best view ever, the neatest most erotic pussy I had ever seen was hovered over my face, as I lay down, “Oh my god, you look amazing” was all I could say, before Suzanna slowly lowered her hot wet pussy onto my face, still soaking wet from having my cock inside her only seconds ago… She was so smooth, and clean it was heavenly, she smelt of the pure essence of sex. “Wow, you are going to love this” I heard Gabriella say, as she straddled me, one hand teasing Suzannas already erect nipples, the other reaching down & spreading her vagina wide open with her fingers… “wow, she’s wet boy, you’re in for a treat’. with that, Gabriella sunk her wet fanny onto my face, I could feel suzanna stroking away at Gabriella’s clit, and her shivering with joy as she was getting more aroused. I pushed my tongue inside her beautiful smooth vagina, and was met with a moan of pleasure, i could feel her juices running down my chin, as she squirmed and writhed on my face.“I need a bit of that action” Suzanna said, flipping Gabriella over onto her back, this was a vision that dreams were made of… I stood up, & watched Suzanna sink to her knees & push Gabriella’s legs wide open, this was so hot! I had a ringside seat viewing 2 amazingly hot girls with no inhibitions, going at it!! I stood over them & just watched, too dumbstruck to move! I was completely off my rocker, and this was happening right in front of my face…..Suzanna definitely knew her way around a clit, within seconds, Gabriella was writing & squirming, I could see juices running down Suzannas face as she sank deeper & deeper into Gabriellas wet crotch. I was treated to an amazing sight….as Gabriella greedily lapped away at suzanna’s wet crotch, whilst she was on all fours, what would any man do??. I got behind her, & gently held her hips, she responded by pushing her pert cheeks back towards me… writhing & gyrating as she probed deeper into Suszannas crotch, she was enjoying this as much as I was.. the Ecstasy was highlighting every contact, very lick, stroke, caress, was amplified. I tentatively rubed the tip of my penis against the curve of Gabriellas perfect ass, only to be met with the immediate yelp of joy from Gabriella, as she writhed and squirmed desperate for me to enter her…. the only problem for me, was that I was so turned on that I was worried I was going to come immediately! I don’t think I had ever been so turned on!Gabriella moaned, & squirmed… “come on baby… I want to feel you slide into me” with that, she slowly rocked her hips, positioning herself so that her soaking wet crotch was rubbing against the tip of my penis….it slid smoothly, and sooooo slowly inside her……. WOW… she was hot, tight, and wet.. OH, and I just remembered she was also going down on one of the hottest girls I have ever me at the same time!!! Shit……. easy now I remember thinking, this was such a sight, I was in danger of coming immediately & ruining the party. (even if the d**gs did make me feel like I could fuck all night, I was still being cautious, not wanting to spoil the moment, I was so turned on, I could have exploded at the slightest touch….That changed when Gabriella grabbed my cock, and pushed it into her wet vagina, as I pushed deep inside her, she twitched, and obviously the motion passed on to Suzanna, via her tongue, we all moaned & laughed at the same time…..After a couple of minutes Suzanna shouted “yes yes yes”…. Gabriella quickly moved her head away, from Suzannas crotch, & pushed me into position, I sunk into her soaking wet vagina, just as she came… the spasms of her vagina walls clamping on my penis felt amazing… There was a trail of female cum juice running down my shaft, and sack, Gabriella greedily licked it & purred with delight. I was struggling to hold myself together, desperately trying not to cum.After a very short “refreshment” break, I was greeted by the sight of Suzanna, standing over me with stockings on, shit, this really was a thing of dreams… “how do you like the music?” I feebly asked… “”Do you have anything a bit more sensual” Suzanna asked, “ I feel sexy” With that I put on a cool mix, “this is by the guy in the club” I told her, hoping it might gain a bit of recognition…“Please make me cum” she asked, “I want to come all over your face I hope you don’t mind… I am a little wrecked, but I just want to come all over you”At this point, I was so wasted, I didn’t need any persuasion, I slowly slid my body down hers, kissing & licking every inch of her. She quivered with anticipation, as I reached her neatly trimmed crotch, Suzanna then grabbed my hair tightly, & thrust my face into her crotch. She was soaking!! within seconds my whole face was smothered in her juices….. Jeez this girl was hot! “Make me cum baby” she said, whilst holding herself open, displaying her glistening clit. I slowly worked my way up her inner thigh, licking & caressing, Suzanna was moaning with delight, & gently grinding her soaking wet crotch into my face, within seconds, she was at the point of no return, “Si Si Si” was all I could interpret, as slowly she ground her soaking wet crotch into my face as she orgasmed….. wow, she was wet… This was ace! Fuck me, was all I had time to think, before Suzannah screamed, & came all over my face… She writhed & squirmed riding my tongue and smothering my face with her come juices….“hey you, how are you doing” I asked in my dodgy spanish I was met by the sight of Suzanna rubbing her soaking wet fingers over her nipples….I didn’t need much persuasion to suck away… OMG she tasted amazing… My cock was twitching away, & I knew I was on borrowed time… I was so turned on I could come @ any second…“I want to come with you inside me” Suzanna said….Just what I needed! I needed to keep it together & not come immediately! but who was I to argue? the d**gs were still making me feel amazing, all warm & fuzzy… the slightest touch from Suzannah sent shockwaves through my body ending @ my twitching cock!I slid into position, just as I was about to slide my twitching cock into Suzanna, Gabriella, suddenly appeared… before I knew it, she was in-between Suzannas legs, to get a full on view of the sex that was about to happen…… My desperate cock was rubbed against Suzanna’s wet crotch, and then quickly pulled away…”WTF!!!”….. before either of us had time to complain, Gabriella took my shaft deep into her mouth, sucking soooo hard I thought it was going to explode! “I just wanted to see what it felt like in my throat” she said….. Fuck me…. I was ready escort bursa to explode… “Now I want to see it in here!” she said pointing @ Suzannas glistening fanny, she then grabbed my cock & dragged it towards Suzannah’s wide open crotch rubbing the tip of my penis against her friends now glistening wet labia… Suzanna groaned, next thing I knew, Gabriella threw herself on my back, her tis squashing on my back, & her hot pussy rubbing against my back, the force of her extra weight pushed me into Suzannas crotch, the tip of my penis slipping smoothly into her wet cunt…. A collective sigh as I sank into Suzanna, & Gabriella writhed on my back her erect nipples rubbing my back, as I stared deep into Suzannah’s eyes whilst she clenched & unclenched around my cock.I was in heaven, the slightest touch was driving me crazy, yet I was balls deep into a stunningly beautiful Spanish girl, with another one on my back! rubbing her erect nipples up & down on my back, & forcing me deeper & deeper into her friend… The music was great, we all writhed & wriggled in time to the beat, in a swirling mass of sweaty d**g fuelled sex, & it felt amazing!!! I don’t know how long this carried on, but all of a sudden Suzannah, screamed… “Oi si, si, puta, lowered her amazing ass down onto my twitching cock, it had been 15 minutes since I came inside her, but as soon as I slid into her wet vagina my cum started to seep out of her, trickling onto my cock, providing extra lubrication as I slid back inside her. Suzanna clearly found this as erotic as I did, & started licking the slippery juices off my shaft as I slid in & out of Gabriella. I was transfixed by the sight of a beautiful girl lapping up my cum from another amazingly stunning girl, can this be happening??Things were all a bit too much for Gabriella at this point, she made her excuses, and took herself off to the shower….. Can’t say I blamed her to be honest, I was shaking from every finer of my body…. I sloped off to the bedroom, for a quick 5 mins…..As I awoke…. from a d**g fucked siesta, I started to think: was it a dream??? I found myself on a bed… remenicing of the previous nights shenanigans…… did it actually happen? or was it a part of my fucked state dream?..Almost in answer to my thoughts, I heard the sound of giggling, as my eyes slowly got used to the light, I could make out 2 silhouettes on the sofa in the other room, I quietly got out of bed, my cock still throbbing & sore from the intense workout it had been given… As I reached the sofa, I could see Gabriella lying on her back, with her legs spread wide open, then I saw the source of amusement, Suzanna was kneeling in-between her legs, & teasing her with a vibrator!! Where did that come from?? who cares… it was so hot to see them both at it & clearly enjoying themselves. I stood just out of sight, watching Gabriella squirm & twitch as Suzanna expertly teased her clit, had they been at it all night???“hey sleepy head!” They both said, noticing me, can you help us.. pleeeeeeease” With that, Suzanna held up the vibrator for me, and joined Suzanna on her back, with her legs spread wide open… “Ive just woken up you know…. I’m a bit sleepy!” I said, I reckon obvious erection in my pants probably fucked all my chances of playing it cool.“Yeah Yeah, not for long” they both said with a wink………… “let me get myself a drink” I said, JD & coke breakfast….. “go on then, it’s not like you have this view every morning’ Susanna said…….I made the girls a drink, and handed it to them. “Salut” I said…. they clinked glasses with me, and sipped their drinks…. with that Gabriella passed me the vibrator……..“Nice to have you awake again” she said, lying next to her friend……“So, what am I meant to do with his?” I asked……..“I’m sure you can work it out” they both said , fishnet clad legs spread wide open….. I knelt between them, grabbing their thighs,feeling the heat emanating from them… this was going to be fun, making 2 super fit girls come, using a vibrator…. they both lay back, with their legs spread open, sexy crotchless knickers, glistening with anticipation, I slowly ran my hands up their thighs, watching them squirm & wriggle to my touch…. Next thing I knew, I heard a knocking at the door…. “yo YO YOOOOO” was shouted through the letterbox… whoever it was, knew we were in.It was Claire, the girls best friend. I went down to open the door “hey you” she said, as i peeked around the door. “Errm Hi Claire, we… um… we expected you back earlier” I said, “We are kind of chilling….Just about to go to bed” (sleep was obviously not an option)“I’m lonely at home on my own, any chance I can hang with you guys?” “Errrrmmm, we are kind of sleeping, & not much company” I replied. “Don’t worry, I can entertain myself” she said, pushing past me into the room she gave me a big sensual kiss on the lips as she passed, and made no bones about squashing her tits against me as she entered, she must have smelt the combined sex of the 3 of us all over my face, and in fact the room. I locked the door, & turned round to head back upstairs…. only to be greeted by the sight of Claires ass wriggling up the stairs in a short mini skirt… to the bedroom…. I could only ‘gawp’ at the sight… As she reached the top of the stairs Claire turned round, & dropped her knickers & threw her bra aside…. “room for a little one” she said, with a wink, now completely naked… We has all done the same ‘E’ so she was obviously feeling the same as us…. She was hot.. her skin was so white, with a shock of red hair, she was striking, and naked, wow, I never noticed how great her tits were! My cock started twitching…. “I got blown out by some complete idiot, & the girls said to pop round for ‘cuddles’, you don’t mind do you? I’m looking for someone to reassure me that all men are not wankers!”“Ermm, no, of course not, do you fancy a ‘livener I said, acutely aware that my cock was slowly ‘waking up’.“That sounds great” Claire replied, With that she made her way over to the sofa, I passed her the bag of coke, and told her to help herself. Withing seconds, Claire had expertly made 2 lines… “1 each?” she said…. Who was I to argue… I nodded… Before I could blink, Claire had sniffed the white powder, and was standing up….. “Fuck me, that is mental gear” she said, swaying…. “ Your turn” she said, with that, she sat on the sofa, & picked up the mirror with the coke on it…. carefully she tipped the mirror up, & sprinkled the coke over her ample tits… “I think it will have a better effect if you do it from here” she said…… with that she grabbed my head by the hair & forced it towards her cleavage, Who was I to argue? I sniffed up the line, circling her nipples, & clearing all the residue…“Ahhh that’s better” Claire said as I slowly snorted the white powder off her ample breasts. “Now I’m in the right frame of mind”….To be continued….

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