Cousin Julie’s Sex Lessons


Cousin Julie’s Sex LessonsLast night my 19 year old cousin Julie showed up at our door all in tears. Babs let her in and tried to find out what was wrong. Julie’s tears kept flowing for nearly ten minutes before Babs was finally able to calm her down enough to speak.Julie told her that her boyfriend dumped her because she was terrible at sex. They had been dating for two years and only recently had she given in to his sexual longings. Julie told Babs that she tried to give Clint a blowjob but he told her she was terrible. Then when they had sex, he told again told her that she was terrible and that she’d never make a man happy and walked out on her. She had never been with any other guy and had given Clint her virginity and then he dumped her. Julie started crying again and Babs hugged her tried to console her. Then Babs asked her if she would us to teach her how to please a man. Julie sat back, looked at her and asked if she was serious and told her she was. The two of them talked for a short time and then Babs called me from my study. I was happy to see Julie but noticed her red eyes right away and asked what was wrong. She and Babs filled me in and the Julie looked at me and told me that Babs said we would teach her how to be great at sex. I looked at Babs and she smiled that naughty smile of hers and I knew it was going to be an interesting night.Julie looks more like my sister than a cousin. She’s tall, 6 foot and has long reddish blonde hair, green eyes and pretty face. Like many of us in my family, Julie is very active and plays basketball and volleyball and is built very athletic with a great figure topped off with her perfect c-cup tits, narrow waist and long legs. I’ve always thought about what she looked like naked and knew that I was about to find out.I asked Julie if she really wanted to learn how to be a great sex partner and she smiled and said yes. Then I told her that she was about to have the most important lesson of her life and that she needed to watch, learn and do everything we tell her and she agreed. Babs told Julie that great sex starts before ever getting naked and told Julie to watch. Babs leaned into me and we wrapped our arms around each other and began kissing. Her hands roamed down my back and felt my butt and I felt hers. Babs then brought one hand around between us and began rubbing my cock through my shorts. She spent about 5 minutes seducing me through my clothes. It felt so good that I forgot we were just giving a lesson to Julie when Babs suddenly stopped and told Julie it was her turn. Julie said she couldn’t’ because I was her cousin. Babs told her that for tonight I was not her cousin but to pretend that I was a guy that she had a crush on and wanted to seduce. Her face turned very red and looking straight at me she said she wouldn’t have to pretend about having a crush on me as she’s had one since she was a young girl. I told her I always wanted to see her naked also so this should be fun for all of us. Julie looked at Babs and asked how she felt about all of this and Babs reminded her that it was her idea to begin with. Babs moved Julie in front of me and told her to do what she had seen her do. Julie leaned in against me and our lips met. They were soft and warm and she smelled wonderful with the soft wafting of a sensuous perfume. Like Babs had done, Julie’s hands roamed from my back down to my butt and caressed my cheeks as I cupped her ass gaziemir escort cheeks and squeezed. As Babs whispered instructions into Julie’s ear, her hand wormed in between us and found its way to my bulging cock. At first she began just rubbing my bulge until I brought a hand up and cupped her tit. She fully grasped my cock as I squeezed her tit through her top and bra. She moaned past her tongue and into my mouth and was now stroking my cock through my shorts per Babs’ instructions still being whispered to her.Babs told us to keep going, so lifted Julie’s top over her head and she did the same to me. Per Babs instructions, she ran her hands over my chest and played with my nipples as I massaged her tits through her bra and the upper parts that were exposed. With one Julie explored my muscular chest and with the other she continued to stroke my cock through my shorts.I reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it fall down her arms and then off. Her tits were as beautiful and sexy as I thought and cupped one and suckled on the other. Her hands began to pull on the waistband of my shorts, so I let go of her tits and watched her as she took my shorts down to the floor. While at home, I rarely wear underwear and she was surprised when my rock hard cock sprang loose and hit her in the cheek. Startled at first, she listened to Babs’ instructions and gently ran one finger up the length to the tip. A large drop of precum formed and Babs told her to stick out her tongue and gently lick the drop off before it fell to the floor. Watching Julie lick the drop off the tip and feeling her tongue as it began to swirl around the tip of my cock was almost enough to make me cum on the spot. Then Babs instructed Julie in the art of a perfect blowjob and all I can say is that Julie was an excellent student. At first I could tell she was tentative, but soon got the hang of it and gave me a fantastic blowjob. Babs could tell when I was getting close and she winked at me and I knew what she had in mind. I heard her whisper into Julie’s ear that men love it when a girl swallows their cum and then assured her that she really liked swallowing. She had Julie cup my balls and softly fondle them as I grew closer and closer. Babs kept whispering instructions to Julie and when I shot my first load into my cousin’s mouth, Babs was telling her to swallow and keep swallowing. Surprisingly, Julie managed to swallow my load with little problem. When I was done cumming, Babs told her to pull off and make sure I was licked clean. Julie asked me how she did and I told her she was great and that would please any man. Then I told her that it was my turn to please her as I finished stripping her and taking her panties off. Her naturally auburn push was neatly trimmed, but before I could proceed, Babs told Julie she needed another trim. She quickly got some cream and razor and trimmed Julie’s wide landing strip into a long V pointing down to her pussy. Babs told her that guys love that as it signals you want their attention drawn to her pussy. After cleaning off the cream and hair, I spread Julie’s legs and began kissing her thighs, working my way up to her pussy, but kissed above it and down the other thigh. I Kissed my way back up and then kissed all around her pussy before kissing and licking her lips. My tongue parted her pussy lips which were puffy and swollen with desire, releasing gaziemir escort bayan the sweet nectar from within and I lapped it up like a thirsty dog. Each time my tongue snaked inside of her, Julie moaned and her body squirmed. Then I licked my way to her clit, licking circles around it before flicking it with my tongue, causing her entire body to jerk. I kept circling her clit for a bit and then gently laid my lips upon my cousin’s love bud, drawing it into my mouth. Julie squirmed and moaned with more intensity. She was so worked up that it only took a few more moments for her to erupt with a body shaking orgasm. Her hands clenched my hair so tightly that I thought she would pull it out. Her young nectar flowed onto my tongue and in my mouth.When her body stopping shaking and I felt her relax, I looked up and asked if she was okay. She told me she was terrific and so was I. Then she looked at Babs and asked how letting me eat her pussy helped her to learn how to please guy and Babs told her that we wanted to see how she would react to being eaten out and that she did wonderfully. I quickly seconded that and told her that she tasted divine. Babs told Julie that after mutual oral sex, it’s good to take a few moments as breather. It’s a good time to just cuddle close and kiss. I sat up next to her, put my arm behind her and drew her against me. She leaned in and kissed my hard and passionately. She was learning fast and was an excellent student. Babs again whispered into Julie’s ear and I felt her hand move to my cock and gently wrap around it. By then I had my other hand cupping one of her tits. This lasted for how long I have no idea. Then Babs told Julie that she needed to see how she would make love to a man she liked. I could see the uncertain look on Julie’s face, but realized that it was more of not wanting to fail rather than have sex with me.Julie moved from the sofa to the floor and kind of pulled me to follow her. She laid down, spread her legs and then held out her hands to invite me to move in over her. Babs quickly stopped and told her to watch and learn. She told me to get back on the sofa like I was and I did. Which Julie sitting on the floor, Babs assumed the positioned next me where Julie had been. She kissed me and held my cock like Julie had been doing. Then while still kissing me, she moved from sitting next to me to sitting on me just in front of my cock which was still in her hand.Without parting lips, she lifted herself just enough to rub my cock back and forth through the folds of her pussy lips and then slowly slid down onto my shaft. Once she was all the way impaled, she broke off the kiss, wiggled her ass and thrust her tits in my face and I eagerly took a nipple into my mouth as my hands automatically cupped her ass cheeks. Then Babs began to move herself up and down on my cock, doing all of the work herself. After a couple minutes of ecstasy, Babs stopped and asked me how I liked it and I told her it was great. Then she lifted off of me and told Julie it was her turn. As Julie got up from the floor and moved in next to me, she turned to Babs and asked her if she was sure it was okay to do everything she did and Babs reminded her that for tonight I was not her cousin but a stud the two of them wanted to share. She smiled and said okay. Julie sat next to me and resumed her kissing and holding my cock. She found it a little awkward escort gaziemir to move from next to me to on me without breaking the kiss like Babs had done. Babs made her repeat the move several times until she could do it more fluidly. Then came the moment I was really waiting for when Julie lifted herself just enough to rub my throbbing cock along her pussy and then let herself slide all the way down onto me. It felt so good and I had been anticipating it so much that I almost came as soon as Julie all the way down on me. She broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes and I saw a sparkle in her eyes that told me she was really enjoying her lessons. Julie just sat there for a few moments and I could feel her pussy twitching around my cock. Babs started to say something and I told her it was okay as Julie was using her pussy to play with my cock and she sheepishly said she wasn’t doing it on purpose but that it was just happening. I told her that if she learned how to do that when she wanted she could drive any many wild with it. Then she started to lift herself up and slide back down, then up and then down. Babs placed Julie’s hands against my chest and I held onto her hips as she rode me faster and faster. I watched as her perfect tits bounced in front of my face and leaned my head out and kept licking her nipples each time they moved past my waiting tongue. I shifted her back just enough so that I could feel my cock rubbing against the front of her pussy and clit. I could see the difference in her eyes as she continued to stare back at me. It wasn’t long before I could feel her pussy begin to tighten around my cock and her eyes began to glaze over. Her breathing became labored as she picked up the pace and began to ride me like a rodeo queen. Babs told her it was okay to be vocal while cumming and Julie let out a guttural moan followed by repeated omgs. She fell forward into me as her pussy tightly clamped around my cock. As she was losing control, I took over moving her up and down on my shaft until I began pump my seed into her tight pussy. I kept working her until I was drained and then we stopped and caught our breath. Babs asked me how it was on our end and I told her that I think she passed with flying colors. Julie started smiling and asked if I really meant it and I told her I did and that she was great. Then Babs told her that if she really wanted to please a man that she needed to clean him off afterwards and Julie wasn’t sure what she meant so Babs explained it. Julie climbed off me and followed Babs instructions and licked and sucked me clean. At the same time, Babs took the opportunity to clean Julie’s pussy, which was obviously another first for her. With everyone cleaned, Babs asked her if she was up another lesson in a few minutes and Julie’s eyes widened and said yes. While we were relaxing, I fixed us all a drink and Babs explained that there are also other positions in which to please a man. Julie asked if that meant that we would be having more sex and when Babs said yes if she was up to it and all Julie could do was smile. Julie asked Babs about her cleaning Julie’s pussy and how she liked it. She responded by asking her how she liked cleaning off my cock and tasting both my and her own cum and Julie admitted that it was better than she thought. Babs told her that it pretty much the same except a little more male than female cum but still a delightful mixture and the only other difference was that it was licking pussy instead of a cock. Then Babs told her that if she did well with her lessons that she would let Julie clean her out after she enjoyed her husband and Julie licked her lips in anticipation. Part two of the lessons to follow soon…

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