EROTIC FANTASY ISLAND – CHAPTER 7CHAPTER 7I must have dozed after the Dane was able to pull his knot out of me. In fact, we all did. When the door to the hut opened, again, the three women found me curled on the floor with the two dogs. I looked up at the same time that the dogs did. The women chuckled at the scene before them. One of the them was carrying a tray of bowls and another had a jug of water and two bowls. Walking in behind them was Sylvia. She gave me a smile and a hug as I stood up from the floor.“How are you doing, Annie?”“Pretty well, actually. We’ve made some progress.”Sylvia smiled, “So I have heard.”The women had brought in bowls of food for my lunch. One bowl was chunks of meat that looked like chicken, but I didn’t ask. If it wasn’t, I might not want to know what it was. There was a bowl of rice and another of cut up fruit. The extra bowls were for water for the dogs.I turned to Sylvia, “Please thank them for the food and water.” She translated and the women smiled. “Can you ask them if the dogs have names …”“They say they don’t. They only just got the a****ls and they usually wait until someone claims them to give names. However, they say it is okay if you want to give them names … you are, after all, getting rather … close to them.” Sylvia gave me a wink and smile.I already knew what I would call them. The Great Dane was Thor. The German Shepherd mix was Wolf, because that’s what he gave the impression of … a wicked looking wolf.After the women left, I sat on the cot. As soon as I sat down, the dogs came to me. I scratched their ears and hugged each of them. Yes, we were certainly getting close … I wondered how interested they were, though. I leaned back on the cot and opened my legs as they hung off the side of the cot. Wolf came right to me, his head moving between my legs and his snout pushed into my pussy. He lapped up the mess remaining from our earlier mating session. I pushed him away and twisted slightly toward Thor to see what his reaction would be. He responded the same, only he had to lower his head more to get to me. I smiled as he licked at me and pushed him to the side, also.I got up and went to the counter where the women had placed the food, water and bowls. I poured water into the two extra bowls and placed them on the floor for the dogs. I sampled the meat and found it good, grilled with some interesting spices. I switched to the rice and fruit, though, saving the meat for a better purpose than my nourishment. While taking spoons of the food, I cut the meat into small pieces, almost nibble sized. This was going to be my training rewards for the dogs, since usually dogs tend to be food motivated, at least in the early stages of training. I had another motivation idea for the later stages of training.Training started right after I had my light lunch. It revolved around just the very basics, starting with them getting used to hearing and recognizing their names, then combining that with ‘sit’ and ‘down’ positions. The ‘sit’ command is very useful initially in order to get their attention when they wander. The ‘down’ command has obvious uses when I want them on the floor or ground, especially when I want access to their cocks, which I planned to do frequently. I had every intention of getting through the training cycle I had in my mind over the next 24 hours or so. It was going to be intense, but there was reason to believe that it was possible if they had breaks from training and performance with activities completely separated from that. If I had leashes and collars for them, I might take them for walks or jogs to break the stain of training. Since I didn’t, I would use myself … it was a burden, for sure, but you do what you have to do.The dogs quickly got the concept of ‘sit’ and ‘down’. The ‘down’ command got reinforced in their minds when I added a quick kiss and lick to the end of their sheaths. Before long, when I gave the command and they complied quickly, the tips of their cocks were peeking out of their sheaths. These were smart dogs. But, it also established who was in charge here. They would get plenty of what made them feel so good, but on my command and terms.After ‘sit’ and ‘down’, I moved to ‘stay’ and ‘come’. They were very smart dogs and they started catching on even quicker when I stopped using bits of meat for reward and started patting my pussy. I had both of them sit, then to stay. I then walked to the other side of the hut, turned around, and called each of them separately, “Thor, come!” Then I parted my legs and patted my pussy, drawing their attention to what they could have. Each one came to me, sat in front of me, and started licking my pussy until I moved their snouts to the side. I then gave them a command to ‘heel’, which we worked on to have them come to my side, Thor on my right and Wolf on my left.We worked on it hard, but we took frequent breaks so they wouldn’t become frustrated and begin to rebel. Sometimes I would lay back and let them take turns licking me; or, I might suck each of them, but not to climax; but the best was when I would offer myself to them and let them mount me. As a defensive measure, I had always started with Wolf and then be mounted by Thor. That way my pussy was still gaping from Wolf’s knot exiting me, allowing Thor’s larger knot to pass easier.Late in the night, to reward them for all their attention and cooperation during the long day with me training, I decided to live on the wild side and take Thor first. Even as the thought crossed my mind, I wondered why. I believed the dogs were in a position to prove my abilities with them and after the next day, I may never see them, again. But, partly because I thought I owed Thor the consideration for being such a wonderful a****l, and the reality that I still wanted to take a horse, if they allowed it. A horse would certainly stretch me for a longer time than Thor’s knot.These two had amazed me with their recovery capabilities and their unending interest in my pussy and me licking and mouthing their cocks, not to mention always being ready and eager for any chance I gave them to mount me. So, despite the fatigue that I knew we were all feeling from the day, I was sure they had one more good mating session left in them.I handled it differently this time. I walked up to Thor and parted my legs in front of his snout. He looked up at me and I nodded, which wasn’t a signal he could properly interpret. I patted my pussy. In this short, compacted time, that meant everything. His long tongue shot out and lapped at my pussy. I crouch down and took his head between my hands and kissed his snout. I then moved to Wolf and repeated the actions. I then gave Thor the ‘down’ command and he nearly fell to the floor, so sure was he about what was about to follow. When I got back to my knees and went to the cot, bracing my upper body with stiffened arms to withstand his weight, he went onto my back.I was still tentative about this, but my hand went between my legs almost by instinct: dog on my back, hand between my legs, and guide cock into pussy. Thor was definitely bigger than Wolf and his cock sliding into my ready pussy was wondrous, perhaps because of the anticipation of this, the expectation.I pressed back against him as he set into his humping motion. I was now anxious to feel his knot without the benefit of first having Wolf, without my pussy already being gaping when I took him. We played, teased much of the evening and night leading up to this moment. We were both ready and eager, it wasn’t going to take us too much longer to climax and I believed it would be together, just like the times before for the three of us. When I felt his knot forming by the bumping into my pussy on the outside, I pressed more firmly against him. He was stretching me and I could feel it differently without my pussy already stretched. It wasn’t deterring either of us, however; we pushed in opposite directions against each other, forcing the knot further, forcing my pussy to stretch and open further each time. There was a steady stream of moaning and groaning from my mouth and throat as we worked, as we fucked.I gritted my teeth and pressed back as hard as I could, willing, demanding the entry of this knot into me. And, when it finally went in, I shrieked my relief, my acceptance, and my pleasure. I continued to moan as the huge knot and swelling cock moved inside my pussy. I felt my body shiver, centered in my gut, but not my gut, my pussy, from inside, bakırköy escort deep inside … I felt my body begin to shake and tremble as my orgasm overtook me, my pussy clamping, clenching around the cock and knot, squeezing it as it tried to move inside me. Then, through the fog of my climax, I felt him stop deep inside me, as if buried as deep in me as he could be, and he jerked, his cock twitching inside, then a spurt, the first of several huge spurts of his seed splashing into my pussy, soaking my womb, overflowing my insides until it squeezed out around his knot and my clamping pussy.We remained tied a longer time than I remembered before. But, at least now, I called Wolf and had he lay down in front of me, which he readily and eagerly did. I prepared him with my lips and mouth. By the time Thor’s knot managed to pull out of me, releasing a torrent of cum in the process, Wolf was well past ready. I wasn’t sure how long he would last or if I had another orgasm inside me to join him; but before I could move, Thor was turning around and lapping up my pussy, greedily taking in our combined juices leaking from me. In the process, I also realized that it didn’t take much for me to rise to another orgasm.By the time Wolf and I were released from each other, I was exhausted and by the reaction of the dogs, they were, too. I crawled to the cot, collapsed on top of it and pulled the thin covering over my naked and sweaty body, a low, contented sigh escaping my lips as I sank into a deep sleep that wasn’t interrupted until the next morning, well past the sun’s rising.I did not rise to the knock on the hut door, but the dogs apparently did. When I turned in the cot, the light in the hut now bright, I turned to find Sylvia sitting on one of the two straight backed wood chairs. I was half turned back over toward the wall when it sunk in what my eyes had just seen and I twisted back to face her. I looked around the room, seeing the door open and no dogs.“Where are the dogs?! I was careful to make sure the door was closed firmly last night.”She smiled, got up and crossed the room to sit on the cot next to me. “The dogs are fine. They are right outside the door. The women tried to get them to leave to give you some peace for more rest, but it was hard enough to get them to leave you. You must have been exhausted.” She gave me a smile. “The women are shocked by the change in behavior of the dogs. That older woman is coming later, but you have convinced these women.”I sat up, rubbing my eyes, and groaning at the stiffness in my back from the sagging cot. I put my head in my hands, supported by my elbows on my knees. “I don’t think that woman likes me.”“She doesn’t like any outsider, including me. You, however, a Guero … you are almost too much for her to tolerate. Don’t focus on her. Focus on these women. They are being careful around me, but I have picked up bits of conversation and talk in the village from women who have been helping inside the compound. They are saying things … good things about you.” She put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me to her.I put my hand on hers. “I will do everything possible, Sylvia. You know I will. I just hope, for your sake …” I looked up at her face, “… for our sake that is will be enough.”She smiled at me and took my face into her hands. “Oh, Annie … You know I never had c***dren?” I nodded. She kissed my forehead and hugged me. “I would have loved if you had been my daughter. No matter what happens here, you have already shown more strength, courage, and devotion than could be expected from a young woman.” I smiled into her chest. I didn’t say it, but I felt it: She’s the kind of mother I wish I could have had.* * * *The dogs and I spent several hours outside of the hut training. We needed more room than the small hut provided. I really wanted to test them and see what their range of control was and we had to be able to be separated by more distance and distraction to fully test that.Sylvia had expressed surprise at the progress of the dogs in such a short time. I, though, knew how much time we expended in our effort. I was also familiar with trainers who could train dogs in specific behavior in a matter of only hours. True, I wasn’t one of those trainers, but I wasn’t as surprised by our progress, especially as we were building a very intimate relationship at the same time.We quickly drew a small crowd in the confines of the compound as I put them through commands and increased the distance between us while I had them in ‘stay’ positions until releasing them. When I used the treat of patting my pussy and allowing them to lick me several times, it provoked some giggles and whispers from the watching women.I took the dogs outside the compound and tested their ability to follow commands amid the distraction of the village. Sylvia and a woman from the compound were watching from the opened gate of the compound. They were talking back and forth. Sylvia smiled and nodded.I called the dogs to heel and we walked to the gate. At the gate, I had the dogs sit, Wolf on my left and Thor on my right.“I am going to take the dogs for a run. I could use the exercise and they can, too. We have been too long in controlled behavior; it will do us good to burn off some energy. Can you ask where we should go?”Sylvia talked to the woman, discussing something. The woman finally shrugged, then pointed in the direction we had come from when we arrived, then turned and pointed down the trail in the opposite direction.Sylvia relayed the instructions, “She suggested back to the previous village, turn around, then back through here and continue to the next village. That should be long enough, though she doesn’t understand the concept of running without having to. She was firm that you stay on the trail and you should not be bothered by snakes. The dogs should be sufficient to ward off any other a****ls.” She looked at me concerned. “Please, be careful.”I hugged her, turned back to the previous village and called the dogs. What a freeing experience to leave the village completely naked at a jog, but watching my footing to protect my feet. Since the ranch, I haven’t been this active while naked. Never have I been so publicly exposed as I was now before coming here. Now, it wasn’t just in a location where the women of compounds were testing me, but freely and openly in front of and among the people of several villages in a matter of a few hours. That sense was exhilarating as I headed toward the edge of the village. Within moments I had several c***dren running behind me and the number increased as our group with the two dogs was observed. I heard many calls, laughter, and exclamations that all sounded positive and reinforcing. I couldn’t understand any of it, of course, except for the smiles, waves, and sounds of encouragement. One word came to me the most often … “see-leen-a”. I didn’t know what it meant, but it seemed to be positive. I would have to ask on my return.As I approached the edge of the village, I stopped and turned around. A number of adults were following the group at a walking pace. I pointed the c***dren back to the village and waved to the adults who waved back at me. I turned and went off at a faster pace with the dogs initially slightly behind, but soon just ahead of me down the trail.As I came upon the next village, I found women along their huts tending small garden plots, laundry, or taking care of c***dren or a****ls. Nearly all the women were bare breasted, some completely naked. All the c***dren were naked and most of the men wore a simple loin cloth around their hips like most of the women. I received the same attention as I passed them and entered the village proper. I heard the same interest and greetings. In the center of the village, I stopped to turn around and return the other direction. My body was shining with sweat and I could feel it running down my body once I stopped. The temperature was hot but not that hot, the humidity of the jungle made it impossible for pores not to be open and any exertion produced volumes of sweat.From the side, I saw a woman and a young girl exit a hut with bowls and a cup, all of them carved wood, which was a very common utensil form. The woman had thin, worn cloth tied around her waist. In the heat and humidity, the thin cloth stuck to her hips. The piece of cloth was a mere attempt at a covering, but not a serious one. The young girl, perhaps nine or ten, was beşiktaş escort completely naked as were all the c***dren, even the ones entering puberty. Nobody was ashamed or self-conscious of their bodies, regardless of their size of shape. The body was a body, and it was refreshing to see such acceptance and openness in their treatment of the body.The bowls contained water and were for the dogs. As soon as that was clear to me, I sat the dogs in anticipation, then released them after the bowls were on the ground. There was an immediate flurry of comments between the people and, again, I heard that word repeated. I knelt on the ground in front of the girl, smiling at her as she handed me the wooden cup. I sipped the warm water and said ‘thank you’ in their language, one of the few expressions I was able to repeat. I sipped it slowly because I was intending on more exertion soon. I turned and called the dogs away from finishing the water, they could get sick too if they ran with too much water.The girl stepped forward and touched my left breast, which wasn’t only bare of clothing but also bare of any markings. It was interesting to me how free these people were about touching the bare body of others. In my world, even if you encountered another naked person, as at a beach, it was still awkward to casually touch as you might if both were clothed. Here, none of that awkwardness existed. The naked body was just a natural part of their world.The girl turned her head to her mother and said something. The mother stepped forward and I rose to greet her. She, too, used her right hand to cup my left breast, then used her thumb to stroke over the unmarked skin. She held her hand in that position and looked down at my right hand, then up to my eyes and nodded. I raised my right hand and cupped her left breast, then tracing the tattoo over her nipple. She smiled in approval. It was as if I was being introduced to a secrete handshake, but this one was something that was used by all women, a recognition of their bond. I wondered, even on an island resort that supported and encouraged nudity, would we become this comfortable? Was it even possible coming from our society?The mother placed her index finger over her tattoo of a dog paw without dots alongside it. She pointed at Thor and Wolf and asked something. I shrugged my lack of understanding. She pointed at them, then touched her tattoo. I nodded my understanding. She was looking intently at me, considering another question that couldn’t be verbalized. She put her finger on my chest, then pointed at the dogs and held up her hand, first one finger, two, three … I smiled. How many dogs.Three at the ranch, three on the island, two here. I held up both hands and raised eight fingers. A murmur went through the large group that had assembled. A naked white woman not only in their midst, but communicating about mating with a****ls.She called to another woman. I noticed her left breast had a paw with four dots around it. Sylvia had said that four dots was the most. It only indicated that four or more different dogs had been mated. The new woman put her right hand on my left breast and I immediately did the same to her. The group smiled and buzzed with pleasure. The mother touched the new woman’s mark and touched my breast. I nodded.I glanced down at the girl who had brought me the water and still held the cup. She was beaming in joy, perhaps with some personal pride that she was connected to me now.The mother then called another woman over and she and I went through the same greeting touch. I saw that besides a paw mark (without any dots), she had a circle over it with two dots inside. Sylvia said this indicated two a****l species had been mated by her, obviously one was a dog. The mother touched the marking, then my chest. I smiled and glanced at the group around us. The group was now 30 to 40 strong, adults and c***dren, all comfortable with the interaction occurring before them as part of their culture.I considered the unspoken question. Since leaving the ranch, I had only experienced dogs. But, at the ranch, there was goat, hog, the pony and horse, if using hands and mouth counted. I had no way of asking the question. It seemed a pantomime in front of the c***dren would be in bad taste. So, I held up one hand, then raised four fingers, hesitated, then added the fifth. She poked her finger into my chest and looked intently into my eyes with the question buried in hers. I nodded. In the midst of the chatter that followed, that word, “see-leen-a”, was repeated between the people.I turned to leave, waving to the group who followed behind me as I walked to the edge of the village. An older woman, maybe 50 but in the jungle it is hard to tell, came to me from the side and said that word, again. The quick learner that I am, we touched breasts. She took my hand and led me to the side of the hut she came from. I turned to look at the group assembled on the trail and saw that the c***dren were all being herded back to the village center, only adults of both sexes were remaining. I wondered what that meant as I was led to a pen next to the hut. I found that she had several pens, the one she brought me to had goats inside.She entered the pen by bending through the horizontal rails. She gestured and I followed her inside. She touched a specific goat and point at me. I thought I knew what she was intending, but the thought of misjudging the intent and making a fool of myself took over my mind, making me uncertain. She touched my chest, then point her finger on the circle on her left breast. I nodded my understanding. She backed to the railings. Okay, I was nodding that I understood and she took that to mean that I agreed to mate with her goat? Something was happening that I did not understand. I understood the mating request, but the people were gathered around the pen with particular expectation in their faces. I could see none of the women from the compound in the group watching. This was not one of their tests, this was something else, something spontaneous of the people.I looked down at the goat before me and then, again, at the people now encircling the pen. If this was something just of the people, not planned or contrived by any others, what purer form of communion would there be than to show my acceptance of them and their life?It occurred to me in that instant of determination, that since coming here, I had not seen any woman being taken by an a****l. I didn’t know what their practice was or how they might go about being mated by their a****ls. A moment of trepidation passed over me, but I resolved that I could only do what I was comfortable doing. It was who I was and how I was in the mating. All my mating followed the same process, so I proceeded with that resolve to be true to myself.I knelt on the ground, petting the a****l around its head and flanks, gaining my own comfort with the a****l and allowing it to gain comfort with me. I moved to stroking his underside and onto his belly, his head jerking to the side to look at what it was I was doing. But, he didn’t move away. I lowered my head and reached underneath him, assuming that in the time I had available to spend here, I might not be able to encourage him onto the ground. I licked the tip of his cock sucked on it as it moved out with my coaxing. I could hear the murmurs and comments being made around the pen, but I could not understand any of it.It wasn’t long before I made the decision to take the final step, assuming that his now exposed cock was an indication of his readiness. I had spent much more time on the goat on the ranch to insure what I wanted to do was good for him, also. I didn’t have that kind of time, now. Sylvia and the others would begin worrying, if I was delayed too long.I moved to my hands and knees, just the way I had successfully done on the ranch. The a****l was slow in understanding, so I encouraged him, taking hold of the fur around his neck and pulling (encouraging) him up to my ass. He caught the scent from me, sniffed, and ended up jumping onto my back soon after. I guided him inside my pussy and heard more murmurs around the pen from the women. The men seemed to be just enjoying the show, causing me to wonder how often they might see a women besides their wife mating with an a****l.I moaned at the initial penetration and sighed as he drove further into me. I had not found the goats to be as stimulating as dogs beylikdüzü escort or the pony, which was larger in size. This arousal must have something to do with the demonstration, the exhibitionist scene of this mating, a scene where I was mating an a****l, a strange a****l to me, in front of maybe 30 people!After the goat came inside me and I had a nice, if little, orgasm, the goat unceremoniously jumped off my back without a lick or thank you. I giggled at the thought, but dogs are so much more attentive, especially dogs I have had bonding with.As I stood up in the middle of the pen, I could feel escaping cum leak onto the inside of my thighs and was sure it must glisten in the sunshine. A couple men removed two railings for me to more easily exit the pen, then replaced them quickly. As I passed through the reassembled crowd, the women all attempted to touch my left breast, the men touching my shoulders or back. When I remembered the dogs, I found them in line behind me, making their way through the crowd in my wake. I turned onto the trail, waved to the people, and the dogs and I resumed our run, now back to the village with intention to go to the one beyond it before returning to Sylvia and the compound.As I ran, I realized that I had no idea what had just happened back at that village. Why was I taken to that pen and the goat? And, why had the entire village stayed to witness it? Of the six or seven goats the woman had, why did she so purposely go to that particular goat? I needed to stop wondering how strange this trip could become … apparently, it could become stranger than I might be able to anticipate.Entering the village, Sylvia and several of the women were waiting. I didn’t stop, but Sylvia called out the expected question, “What took you so long? I was beginning to worry.”As I came up to her, “Sorry … I was … delayed in the village. All is good. I will explain later.” And, I continued on my way to the next village.I was met with a similar response in this village, too. Water and fruit were brought for me and water for the dogs. This time, though, they were ready and waiting for me in the center of the village … almost as if someone had warned them of my coming. The c***dren approached with curiosity at the size of Thor who I put into a sit and stay. He looked a little nervous at first by the increasing attention, but I stayed next to him and he soon was licking and bumping the c***dren playfully and they were screeching in delight.When I was ready to leave them, I saw that women were holding the c***dren back from following me. I looked ahead of me to the edge of the village and saw a small group of women waiting. One was holding an a****l I didn’t immediately recognize, and walking it off from the tail where I was to find a small clearing where a****ls grazed.I slowed as I approached the women and walked up to them. The women stepped up to me and touched my left breast, an action I returned to each. After the previous village, I knew what was coming, what they were going to suggest that I do. I waited for them to initiate it, though.They did, too. Two of the women took my hands and led me to the clearing along a narrow path through a few separating trees. I glanced behind me for the dogs and was reassured by them following close behind. When we reached the clearing, the other woman was holding a llama with a rope around its neck. I was led up to the woman and the rest of the people formed a circle. The woman was with a llama and stepped to me, put her hand on the llama, then the mark on her left breast with the circle and two dots, and then on my left breast. I looked at her, pointed to the llama, then touched the circle on her breast. She shook her head. If I understood properly, she had not mated with this a****l, but she wanted me to. I nodded. I understood very well what she, they wanted from me. Again, I didn’t understand why; I did understand what, though.I proceeded along my usual method, first establishing comfort with each other. After petting and stroking him, I moved my strokes underneath, working my way slowly to his sheath. I was stroking from the side, not yet kneeling down underneath him so I was surprised when my hand felt something at the end of the sheath. He had exposed his cock but not much. I moved underneath him, taking his sheath in my hands and stroking it, his cock coming out.I was very interested in see the cock most of the way out. I had never thought of such an a****l, in fact was surprised that one would be in the jungle, but what did I know of such things. Maybe it was used for carrying supplies and goods further along the trail to other villages. I didn’t know if the llama’s cock was as big as a donkey or pony or just large like Thor, or just … a cock.The a****l moved when I got underneath him and put my mouth to his cock. Again, my actions brought comments from those watching. It seemed my style with a****ls was of some difference. The woman held the rope steady, though, and soothed him with sounds and touches. Soon, I was sure I had most of the cock out, but I was surprised by the appearance. It was long, but not big around. It also had a hook shaped projection at the tip. I was now wondering what this was going to be like.I back out from under the a****l, stood, and looked around the clearing. There appeared to be a large enough rock about 20 feet away. I took the rope from the woman and led the llama to it. I returned the rope to the woman and noticed all the people followed and reformed their circle around the new location. I bent over at the waist and braced myself on the rock, then nodded to the woman. I think she was confused at first, but then she realized what I was doing. I thought I had to be higher for this a****l than if it was a dog. Of course, this came from what I needed to do for Thor, thereby, believing I had the experience in positioning myself. How wrong could I be.The a****l was led up to me and pulled over my back until his cock bumped into my ass. I reached under and found it and jerked my head in an attempt to indicate that the a****l needed to be moved further onto my back. But, instead of trying to penetrate me, he seemed frustrated and put all his weight on me, causing my legs to buckle and I went down to the ground. The a****l tried to remount me, but I was rolling away. I looked at him and saw that he also seemed to be on his back knees. I repositioned myself like I was mating with a dog and he came over me, his back knees on the ground and his front knees bent and resting to support himself over me. He moved forward and bumped his penis into me. I reach under, found it and despite its peculiar feel, slid it into my pussy.I moaned at the strange feeling as it moved forward into me. It must have been a good eight or nine inches long and I felt the odd shaped tip tickling my cervix. I thought of the hog and how it sought out my womb to deposit its seed. This a****l seemed to be attempting the same thing.When he came, it was a surreal experience. I came from the sensation of it all … plus the many people standing around watching it happen. The a****l quickly got off me and I lay on the ground, rolling over to stare up at the blue sky above. Now, I truly have mated with five different species. Without a doubt, the llama was just as peculiar as the hog had been.When I stood up, I was again greeted by a group of people that almost seemed celebratory, like the other village. I was beginning to appreciate the custom of touching the left breast as an indication of respect and appreciation. Perhaps, when I return to the other village, I can find out why all this happened. Perhaps, Sylvia can explain to me, or find out, what this word “see-leen-a” means. A word that again was being repeated by the people as I passed through them.I had been intending to run back to the village I had started from earlier. I reached the trail that ran from village to village along the string of villages of these people and turned to leave when a woman grabbed my arm, then indicated to wait. In a moment, it seemed the entire village was assembled, men, women, and c***dren. Included was the llama I had just mated with. I was puzzled, but I had determined long enough ago since arriving here that I would be better off taking an attitude of acceptance and going with the flow of the place. It seemed they were all going to accompany me back to the other village. Hopefully, I would find out why that was happening, also.I called the dogs and the crowd parted as the Thor and Wolf charged through to come to my side. I scratched each of them at the ears and leaned their heads in to mine, “Either of you have any idea what is going on?”They didn’t answer, of course.* * * CHAPTER 8 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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