F1 Suzy Perry Took My BBC


F1 Suzy Perry Took My BBCIt had turned out to be a good afternoon qualifying for me. First race of the season in Australia and I am in pole position for tomorrows race. I have just finished my last routine interview for the day and have a special interview to do with Suzy Perry a little later, for tomorrows TV show.I cannot wait to get out of my driving suit and in to a nice hot shower in my motor home before she comes over. On answering the door a little later, I notice she has also changed out of her jeans and blouse and in to a summery dress for the interview.The crew sort the cameras and sound out time we chat and she tells me about the interview and how she wants it to go.“Well Lewis world champion from last year, congratulations on today result”“Thank you Suzy”The interview goes on for some ten minutes before she starts asking quick fire questions from viewers and I have to answer with a little explanation.“Ben from Watford asks, Do you have TC on this new car”“No traction control now”“Simon from Newcastle asks. Any ABS on the new car”“No anti lock braking either”“And here’s a question from Jane of Surry “Do you have BBC”“Yes Suzy I have a BBC”“Well Lewis can you tell the viewers what BBC stands for”“I can, It means I have a big black cock Suzy”Suzy bursts in to laughter “Sorry Lewis, we might have to cut that bit out”The interview ends after a couple more minutes and the crew rush away to do another interview with D C.“Sorry about that question Lewis”“It’s alright”“Is that what BBC really stands for?” asks Suzy“Yes, have you never seen when I am on the podium the bulge in my race suit after winning?”“Can’t say that I have, I‘ll watch out next time”“It’s something like this,” I say and I stand up in front of her“Shit Lewis, is that for real”“Only one way to find out”I grab her hand and let her feel the hardening shaft growing down my jeans leg, then nip my cock to make it twitch.“Fuck Lewis it is for real” Suzy says “I thought you had to be on the podium” “It’s gaziemir escort like a podium win when you’re around”“You’re having me on now”“Ever wondered what I get up to before the race when I disappear for a so called toilet break”“No”“I need to pull myself off after seeing you when I drive out of the garage, unless I would be very uncomfortable all race”“Now I know you are having me on, what’s special about me, I‘m 44 years old Lewis, just about old enough to be your mom”“But Suzy you are one hot chick, especially that picture of you in the bikini”“What Picture”“This one, one of my mechanics give it to me when you started” I say while grabbing a photo frame of me winning last year and pull it out to reveal the photo of Suzy beneath in her black bikini “Christ Lewis I can feel it getting harder”“I know, it very uncomfortable”Next I felt my button pop from around my waist then the buttons being loosened on my fly’s, her hand slipped inside my shorts and pulled my cock out. Her white hand looked small as she tried to grip around my 9-inch black shaft.All I could do was look on when she lowered her wide-open mouth around my purple bulbous cock end and took me inside. I gathered her long black hair in a bunch and started to fuck her face slowly.Suzy was gagging for it, twisting and turning her hand around my cock as she bobbed back and forth on the first third of my cock. She pulled off and started to lick down my shaft to my balls, taking each one in to her mouth and sucking on it.I pulled her on to her feet before I exploded and kissed her, her tongue was frantic inside my mouth. I felt her hand around my cock again and she started to wank me off.“Lewis I want you” she said and started to pull up her summery dressDress pulled up to her tits she stood in a little black thong and looked stonking hot“I want to mount you Lewis, get on the floor” she saidQuickly pushing my jeans and shorts down I lay on the floor with my cock standing like a skysc****r. gaziemir escort bayan Suzy pulled her thong to one side, showing off her tan lines as she lowered her pale white smooth fanny down nearer to my big black cock.Balancing on her parted bent legs Suzy rubbed my cock along her open slit a few times before attempting to sit on it. She moaned and grunted with taking just the bulbous tip end.“Fuck Lewis it’s like a horse”She started to bounce on my dick while still keeping a tight hold of it“Fuck it big,” she screamed as she took another inch insideI could see Suzy trembling and her breathing was the same, stuck on my dick and not knowing which way to go for the best.“Arrrrrrrrrrr, Arrrrrrrrrrrrr yes” she moaned as another inch slipped inSuzy started to ride what she had inside, maybes hoping it would lubricate and slacking her up a little. She rode my five inches, bouncing up and down until she could take no more and lifted off followed by a squirt from her smooth bald fanny.She trickled her juices on top of my black cock before sinking down on me again“Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssss, Yeeeeessssssssss”Now she had taking a couple of more inches and I could see her fanny lips stretching and holding on to my cock with every lift off me, she made.“Yeeeeeeeeesss Yesssssss,” She shouted as she held herself over my cock as another squirt flowed from her fanny.I could see Suzy was determent to take my cock when she pulled her dress off over her head and began sinking once again on to my cock. I felt her tits through her bra and she willingly pulled her bra up off them for me, my big black hands covered and fondled her small white tits that had never seen the sun but had the hardest nipples I have ever felt. They were gorgeous, unlike Nicole’s that were saggy and hanging looking.Suzy lent forwards with her hands on my chest and started to slowly ride my big black dick“Did Nicole take it all Lewis?” she asked panting“Yes, it was like fucking a escort gaziemir wellie top some times, her cunt was big and slack”“I don’t think I will be able to take it all, well not this time at least” she addsI held her little arse in my big black hands and started to lift her up and down my shaft, each time forcing her down a little more.“Lewis, fuck Lewis shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit” She was heavy breathing and moaning and lifting herself out of my hands with each stroke up my cock before slamming back down.“Come in my Lewis, I want to feel a big black cock fill me”Suzy was punishing herself by the moaning and grunting she was doing, forcing herself hard down on to my cock“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss, Yeeessssss Lewis, oh god yesssssssssss”She screamed out when she came, moaning and panting like a steam train.Her little tight white fanny went in to spasm, nipping my cock in rippling waves until I released my load deep inside. One of the best and tightest fucks in ages, my cock spurted like a volcano, filling her full of my warm creamy white cum. I grunted with each new squirt I felt coming up my shaft, the feeling boosted even more when her fanny muscles took over and milked my cock of its goods.Suzy was starting to show signs of weakening when I felt her weight move on to my hands. Still in hover position over me, her legs had lost their strength to hold her.“Lewis you’ll have to lift me up, I‘m stuck”I started to slide her up my shaft and watched as inch after inch of black cock slipped out from her little white fanny. It was just like taking a oil sump plug out of an engine,her fanny let go and our love juice leaked all over my cock.“Shit Lewis, I’ve lost all feeling down there, I can’t stop it”Suzy stood up and quickly pulled her thong back over her open numb fanny before grabbing a towel to wipe up the mess. She still seemed mesmerised at my soft cock, still eight inches in length and as fat as her wrist.The temptation was too great and she started to lick the long black shaft clean. I held her hair up and out of the way and all I could see was the smile on her lovely round cheeky blushed face.In future if you see Suzy with a cheeky bubbly smile on race day you now know what she had the night before, a big back cock wedged up her little tight fanny.The End

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