Jane Continued – Depravity awaits.


Jane Continued – Depravity awaits.Jane groaned as she rolled over in bed. She opened her eyes, Brian was looking at her.“Sore?” He asked.“Mmm,” she replied, “my boobs are, and my bum is on fire.”“I’m not surprised, let me see,” he said, pulling the quilt away from her breasts.“Careful,” she said as his hand cupped her left breast.“They’re not as bruised as l expected,” he said, “they are a bit red in places and there are some small bruises, your nipples are hard.” he said, stroking his thumb over her nipple.“Oh, don’t,” she shuddered.“Nice?” he smiled.“You’re a bastard Brian,” she said.“And you’re a slut,” he laughed, “let me see your arsehole,” he said, pulling the quilt off her completely.“No!” She said, trying to grab the quilt but failing.“Don’t be silly,” he said, “l only want to make sure he didn’t tear you.” He moved down the bed, taking hold of her ankles and parting her legs. He lifted her ankles so that her legs were wide apart and up over her head.“Put me down,” she protested, “don’t you dare touch me down there.”“Oh you’re a bit swollen but there’s no damage,” he said, “it looks quite inviting.”“Don’t you dare,” she said, “this is surreal, put my legs down, anyone would think l was some sort of…”“Cum slut,” he laughed, “admit it, you loved it.”“That was last night,” she protested, “l’m not so sure now.”“Let me just try you out,” he said, moving up to kneel between her thighs, “l know what you need.” He brushed the tip of his cock against her labia.“Don’t you dare Brian Evans,” she said, “let me go, l need to pee.”“You can do that while l fuck you,” he laughed, positioning himself over her then lowering himself, his cock sliding easily into her cunt.“Stop it,” she said, “stop it this second.”“I can feel your cunt contracting,” he laughed, “you can’t deny it, you can complain all you like but your body needs fucking.”“You’re a Bastard Brian Evans,” she said.“Yes, but you love me, and l love you, even if you are a slut,” he replied as he began moving inside her.“Let go of my ankles,” she said, “l’m going to get cramp.”Brian released her, but rather than try to push him away, she wrapped her legs around him.“You’re still a bastard,” she smiled up at him, “but now you’re in there you might as well fuck me.”“I love you Jane Evans,” he said, stooping down to kiss her, feeling her legs squeezing him as she raised her hips to meet his thrust.They fucked slowly, saying nothing but saying everything with their eyes. Jane knew she wasn’t going to cum but she smiled up at him as she felt the heat of his cum inside her as her came.“Just stay there,” she said, her legs gripping him tight as she milked his cock with her cunt, feeling each pulsation as he poured his spunk into her.Finally he rolled sideways, Jane still gripping him, determined not to let him go.“I thought you wanted to pee,” he said.“Shut up,” she said, “just hold me.”Next door, Paul sat up in bed watching the screen. He had left the cameras on all night, waking a few times but each time only just able to make out the sleeping forms of his parents. As dawn broke he had seen his mother growing restless, hoping that somehow the quilt would move and expose her naked body, he had begun stroking his cock. He was surprised at how good the show was when it came, especially when his father lifted and spread his mother’s legs, he had quickly zoomed one of the cameras in to get a perfect shot of her cunt and arsehole. He could see the red, swollen area around her anus. Listening to his mother protesting only served to excite him more, he had hoped that he would see his father take her by force, he had watched women being rough fucked on the internet and always thought that was far more exciting than if the woman just allowed herself to be fucked.When he saw his mother begin to respond, and then encourage his father to fuck her, he thought to himself how much of a slut she truly was. He couldn’t wait to tell Anthony what he had seen, he was sure Anthony would be pleased, he wondered if his friend would let him suck his cock again, he knew it was a strange thing to think about while he was watching his father fuck his mother, but he kept remembering how Anthony’s cock had felt in his mouth, he could still remember it pulsing against his tongue, he could still smell him, still taste him.As he was remembering, he came, quickly catching his cum in the palm of his hand. His cock pumped and pumped, he had to cup both hands together to catch it all. He could tell his father was cumming too.He watched as his parents lay side by side, he looked at the pool of spunk in his hands, bringing his hands to his mouth, using his tongue to scoop up every last drop. Once more he thought of how much he wanted Anthony to cum in his mouth, he wondered if he wanted that more than he wanted to fuck his mother but then he thought how good it would be if Anthony and him fucked her together, he could even lick his friends cum out of her cunt or bum hole, just like he’d seen his father do it the night before. All he had to do was to work out how they were both going to get to fuck her, but he was sure Anthony would think of something.Paul waited until he had seen his parents get up and go downstairs. He enjoyed watching his mother walking round the bedroom naked her big tits swinging as she bent over to put on her panties.“It’s a good job you took the day off,” she said to Brian, “you can take Paul to the day centre, then drop Suzy’s clothes back at her flat. I’ll have a shower while you’re gone.”“You trust me with Suzy then?” Brian said, getting out of bed.“Like l said last night,” she replied, “l don’t have any right to complain do l, l just want you to be honest about it, anyway l don’t know if you can manage two fucks in a morning.”“Come over here and you can find out,” he laughed.“You stay away from me,” she giggled, “you’re like a dog with two dicks since we started doing this.”“Who could blame me,” he replied, “l’ve got the sexiest wife in the world, l’m in fantasy land….so you don’t mind if l fuck her, even if you’re not there.”“As long as you tell me,” she replied, “there mustn’t be any secrets.”Brian walked over to her, taking her in his arms and kissing her. “I do love you so much,” he said.“I love you too,” she replied, “and l always will, no matter what we do.”Brian’s hands slid down her back, gripping her buttocks.“Oh no,” she giggled, feeling him pulling her towards him, feeling the hardness of his erection, “save that for Suzy if you want her, l have to go and get breakfast for you and Paul.” She pushed him away, grabbing her dress from the wardrobe and slipping it on. “Put that away you pervert,” she giggled, seeing her husband watching her as he stroked his erection.Meanwhile, Paul watched avidly as his parents fooled around. He had never imagined his mother could be so sexy, it was like watching a scene from a porn movie. He checked that everything had been recorded, it would take him a while to edit everything he had and put it all together, he would just take a copy of what had happened before they had gone out the night before.By the time he got downstairs, his father was sat at the table eating breakfast, his mother was at the sink.“You’re father is taking you to the day centre today,” Jane said, placing Paul’s breakfast in front of him, “he has some jobs to do in town then he’ll come back for you. Are you seeing Anthony?”“Yes, l hope so,” Paul said, “l only like going there if he’s there.”“I don’t know what you two find to talk about all the time,” Jane laughed, “you seem to be talking on your computer when you’re home, then he’s the only one you talk to at the centre.”“But l like him,” Paul said, “he’s interested in the work l’m doing, l get him to try out the games.”“Oh l don’t mind,” Jane said, knowing that Paul didn’t usually react well to criticism, “he seems to have a good effect on you, l’ve noticed a few changes in you lately, l like the new Paul.” She bent down and kissed the top of his head.Paul’s eyes went to the neckline of her dress as she bent forward, he could see her tits hanging free, he couldn’t quite see her nipples but he was very tempted to put his hand inside her dress and feel her tits, he felt his cock react and quickly clamped his thighs together, hoping his mother had not noticed anything.He chatted with his father on the journey into town, Brian asked him if he would like to go and watch a football match at the weekend, Paul said he would like that very much.“It’s not definite yet,” Brian said, “but you’re mother and l may be out for the afternoon on Sunday, will you be okay on your own.”“Oh, where are you going?” Paul replied, he wanted to ask if his mother was getting fucked again but resisted the temptation.“Oh we’re just meeting some friends,” Brian said.“Oh, can l come?” Paul replied.“Maybe next time,” Brian said.Paul said nothing as they pulled up at the centre. His father said he would be back in an hour or so as Paul got out of the car.Mrs Johnson welcomed him as soon as he entered the main area. “I expect you’ve come to see Anthony,” she said.“Yes,” Paul replied, trying hard not to stare at her huge breasts as they moved under her dress when she walked. Paul spotted his friend sat at a table in the corner, he was looking at his laptop.“You go on over,” Mrs Johnson said, “l’ll bring you over a can of Coke.”Paul thanked her, which surprised her, Paul had never been one for good manners, not that he was rude, just that he did not interact well with people. She made a mental note to make an entry on his file to say that he seemed to be far more relaxed bakırköy escort and sociable lately.Paul took a seat next to his friend. Almost immediately Mrs Johnson arrived with two cans of Coke and a cake each for them.“God those fucking tits of hers,” Anthony said as he watched her walk away, “can’t you just imagine having your cock between them and shooting your spunk over her face.”“That would be fun, do you think she would let me?” Paul replied.“Might be worth the risk to ask her,” Anthony said, “l bet she doesn’t get much cock, if she saw yours l bet she would want it up her.”“What are you looking at?” Paul said, indicating the laptop.“Look,” Anthony said, turning the screen to face Paul.The screen was full of a woman, she looked to be about the same age as his mother but fatter and not as good looking. She was on her knees, looking at the camera, she was naked and her face seemed to be covered in what Paul presumed was spunk.“It’s my Aunt Mary,” Anthony said, “she’d just sucked my cock and l came over her face.”“And she let you take her photo?” Paul said.“I told her l would tell on her if she didn’t let me,” Anthony laughed, “l said l wouldn’t fuck her again if she didn’t do what l said, she loves being fucked, l don’t think she gets it anywhere else she’s too fat and ugly.”“She doesn’t look ugly,” Paul said, “can you tell her to let me fuck her?”“You need to start fucking your mother,” Anthony replied, “she’s much better looking than Aunt Mary, have you got any more film of her?”Paul took the flash drive out of his pocket. “I haven’t edited the stuff from this morning,” he said, “but l’ve got the stuff from last night, it was before l installed the new cameras so it’s not very good and there’s still no sound.”“Let’s see,” Anthony said, taking the flash drive and plugging it in. He opened the file, immediately the screen was filled with the scene in Paul’s mother’s bedroom. Suddenly Suzy came into view, wearing only the basque.“Who’s she?” Anthony asked, “l didn’t know you had a sister.”“No, she’s a friend of Mum and Dad,” Paul replied, “her name is Suzy, l haven’t met her before, she went out with Mum and Dad last night. I think they went to an orgy.”“Wow!” Anthony said as Suzy faced the camera, “she’s very pretty, her tits are quite small but l still wouldn’t mind fucking her.”Just then Jane came into view.“Fucking wow!” Anthony called out, quickly looking round to see if anyone had heard him, “your mother looks great, l love the way that corset thing pushes her tits up, look at how they bounce when she moves…l really have to fuck her Paul, you have to start on her soon, she’s built for fucking.”They both watched intently as Jane approached Suzy, pressing her back against the wall and kissing her.“Fucking Jesus,” Anthony said, “this is like watching a porn film only better….oh look…she’s going to eat her pussy.”They both watched as Jane knelt in front of Suzy, Suzy spreading her legs to allow Jane access to her cunt. They watched as Jane brought Suzy to orgasm.“Is there any more?” Anthony asked as both women finally moved out of shot.“I’ve put on a few still shots of what happened this morning,” Paul replied.Anthony opened the next file, the photo of Paul’s father holding his mother’s legs over her head came up.“Fucking great,” Anthony said, “you can even see her face as well as her cunt and arsehole.”The next one was a close up of her cunt and arsehole.“From what l can gather,” Paul said, “l think someone fucked her bum at the orgy, l think he must have had a big cock as Dad was checking to see if she was damaged. You can see how red and swollen her bum hole is.”“I bet he wasn’t as big as yours,” Anthony laughed, “but your mother must be hot if she enjoyed being fucked like that.”“From what l heard,” Paul said, “it sounded like she enjoyed it.”Anthony opened the next file, it showed a close up of his mother’s tits.“You can see the red blotches and some bruises,” Paul said, “they must have been rough with her, she must like it, just after that Dad started fucking her, he started gentle but after a bit she wanted him to do it harder, she must be like some of those women that let their husbands whip them and things.”“It might be something women with big tits like,” Anthony replied, “l squeezed Aunt Mary’s nipples really hard yesterday and she came, she’s got big tits.”At that moment Mrs Johnson walked past their table.“She’s got massive tits,” Anthony said, “l bet she’d like to have them whipped, l know she’s an ugly old cow but we could have some fun with her.”Anthony looked at his friend and noticed that Paul was holding the front of his trousers.“Have you got a hard on?” He said, “do you want to wank like last time, we could do it together again, it was fun.”“Can we?” Paul replied.Anthony closed down his laptop and both of them made their way through to the toilets. He had a quick check to make sure they were not being observed then quickly stepped into the disabled toilet area, followed by Paul.“Do you want to do it like last time?” Anthony said, undoing his trousers and taking out his cock.“Can l suck you properly this time?” Paul replied.“What, like with me fucking your mouth like they do on porn films?” Anthony replied.“I just wondered what it would feel like,” Paul said, “Dad said something about watching someone fucking Mum’s mouth, it sounded like she enjoyed it, l just wondered what it feels like, l can stop you if l don’t like it.”“Aunt Mary never complains when l do it to her,” Anthony said, “go on then, get on your knees and l’ll fuck your mouth.”As soon as Anthony’s cock entered his mouth, Paul was overcome by the excitement, he loved the feeling of power as he felt the heat of his friends cock, the hardness of it and the way it pulsated.Anthony took hold of Paul’s head and began long, slow fucking movements, soon he felt his friends hands gripping his buttocks, pulling him in harder with each thrust.Paul was completely overcome by the excitement of it all, he loved the feel of his friends cock deep in his mouth, he pulled him in deeper, burying his face in Anthony’s groin as he felt his cock pressing against the back of his throat. He found it easy to time his breathing with each thrust, he sucked hard, he wanted the taste of his friends spunk.“Jesus that’s good,” Anthony said, “you’re as good as Aunt Mary, l can’t hold it much longer, do you want me to cum?”“Mmmm,” was all Paul could reply, then he felt Anthony’s cock swell even larger, he knew what was about to happen, he pulled his friend in hard just as he heard him grunt. He felt the orgasm coming, the length of his cock until he felt the hot blast of spunk hitting the back of his throat. He sucked hard, swallowing each pulse as it exploded from Anthony’s cock, he squeezed his friends balls just like hid did his own, he knew how it made him cum harder and he wanted to make sure he had all of his friend’s spunk.Finally he looked up at Anthony as his friend pulled his cock out of his mouth.“That was fucking brilliant,” Anthony said, “as good as any of the blow jobs l’ve had with Aunt Mary.”“It was nice,” Paul replied, feeling a dribble of spunk trickling down his chin, he scooped it with his finger, sucking his finger clean.“Do you want me to suck you now?” Anthony said, “you’re too big to do it to me like that, you’ll just have to wank into my mouth like last time.”Paul was quite happy with that, he took out his cock and began wanking as Anthony knelt in front of him. It didn’t take long before he told his friend he was going to cum. Anthony quickly took the head of his cock into his mouth, just in time to catch the first jet of Paul’s spunk. Paul squeezed his cock and balls as he fired jet after jet of spunk, Anthony eagerly taking each load, swallowing it.Once they had finished, they both used tissues to wipe their cocks clean. Anthony had a quick look out of the door to check it was all clear, then they made their way back to the table.“That was fun,” Paul said once they were seated, “l’m not sure if that is what l’m supposed to like though, l mean, doing it with another man.”“I don’t think it really matters,” Anthony replied, “l know it used to be something that you weren’t supposed to do, they used to call men who did it ‘Queers’, but l don’t think anyone bothers these days, l think it’s more just about having fun and doing what you want to do. Look at when your mother did it with Suzy, that doesn’t make her a lesbian does it, l mean she still likes being fucked by men as well.”“I suppose so,” Paul said, “she certainly likes being fucked.”“Yes, well the sooner you fuck her the better,” Anthony said, “she’s going to love that monster cock of yours, and once you’ve fucked her you can tell her she has to let me do it too, just imagine how good it would be with your cock up her cunt and mine in her arsehole.”“Or the other way round,” Paul laughed.“Fuck Paul,” Anthony laughed, “if she can take that she will be hot, we’re going to have to film it though and put it on the internet, l can’t wait to read the comments we get, there are all sorts of things we can do with her.”“What like?” Paul asked.“Well we might be able to invite other men to come and fuck her,” Anthony said, “can you just imagine tying her up like your father had her with her cunt and arsehole exposed then letting in a crowd of men to take turns it’s her, they could chose their own hole to fuck.”“Do you think she’d like that?”“She’s a hot bitch Paul,” Anthony replied, “she’ll fucking love it, we could even charge men to fuck her, there’s lots of things we could beşiktaş escort do.”They carried on talking, dreaming up different scenarios based on things they had seen on the internet. Anthony made Paul laugh when he made some comment about the size of Mrs Johnson’s bum, wondering if her arsehole was as big as her arse.When Brian finally appeared, Anthony quickly turned to Paul.“You have to start fucking your mother Paul,” he said, “don’t back down, if she loves you she’ll let you fuck her, and when she sees that cock of yours she’ll be begging you to fuck her.”“I’ll try,” Paul said, “l promise.”They arrived back home in time for lunch, then Paul said he was going to his bedroom to work on the latest game.As soon as Jane was sure Paul had gone into his room and shut the door, she turned to Brian.“Come on then,” she said, “tell me all about it.”“Nothing to tell,” he replied, “she was on her own in the shop so couldn’t leave it, but she did invite us both round to her flat this evening.”“Oh,” Jane said, “l don’t know if l fancy going out this evening, in fact l quite fancy a night off, l’m still sore, l thought l would just have a nice soak in the bath and then settle down for an evening of telly and a glass of wine. Why don’t you go, you can have her to yourself.”“Are you sure?” Brian replied, barely able to conceal his excitement at the thought of spending the evening having sex with Suzy.“Of course l am,” she replied, kissing him, “you have my blessing, you go and have some fun then come back and tell me all about it.”Brian spent the afternoon working in the garden. Jane had her household chores to do, she prepared a meal of sandwiches for tea, taking Paul’s up to his room. After tea, Brian went for a shower, then about seven o’clock he said he was going out.“Have a good time,” Jane said, kissing him.“This is so weird,” he replied, “you’re sure you don’t mind?”“Don’t be silly,” she laughed, “you go and fuck her, have a good time.”As Jane went upstairs, she met Paul as he came out of the bathroom.“You father has gone out with friends this evening,” she said, “l’m going to have a bath then spend a lazy evening in front of the telly.”“Ok,” Paul replied, “l have work to do on my computer.”It was over an hour later that Paul went down to the kitchen for a drink. As he returned, passing the door to the lounge he heard his mother laughing. Opening the door, he saw her, dressed in her dressing gown, sitting with her feet up on the sofa watching tv. It was a comedy show and his mother was obviously enjoying it.Jane was halfway through her second glass of red wine, she had enjoyed the luxury of a hot bath, and was feeling relaxed and happy.“Hi Paul,” she said, “this is a good show, why don’t you come in and join me, it’s ages since we had an evening watching tv together.”Paul decided he would like that, entering the room, he sat in one of the armchairs, across the coffee table from his mother. He watched as his mother finished the wine in her glass, pouring herself another.Jane was feeling lightheaded, but she hadn’t felt this good in a long while, she laughed out loud at the show.As the show ended, Jane turned off the sound as she always did when the adverts came on.“Did you tell Dad about what l said?” Paul asked.“About what sweetheart?” Jane replied.“About me wanting to see your tits, about me wanting to fuck you,” he said.Jane as shocked out of her feeling of euphoria. “Paul!” She said sternly, “you mustn’t talk to me like that, those are things you should not be saying to your mother.”“But you said you would,” Paul protested, “you said you would think about it.”“Really Paul,” she said, “you must stop thinking about things like that, is it that Anthony putting ideas into your head, perhaps you should stay away from him for a while.”“He’s my friend,” Paul replied, “he shows me pictures of his Aunt Mary, she lets him play with her tits, she lets him fuck her, she even sucks his cock, he showed me a picture of her face covered with his spunk.”Jane was shocked to hear her son saying those things, she wasn’t sure how to respond, she knew Paul had been far easier to manage recently, his bouts of temper had virtually stopped, but she was afraid that if she was too critical of him, that it might set him back to his old ways.“Well what Anthony and his Aunt get up to is up to them,” she said, “but what they are doing is against the law, she could get into a lot of trouble.”“Oh l know l have to keep it secret,” Paul said, “just like l would keep it secret if you let me fuck you, l won’t even tell Dad.”Jane was not sure how to respond, she tried to think rationally but her brain was being affected by the amount of wine she had drunk. On top of the shock of hearing her son speaking like that, she also had to deal with the fact that she could feel her nipples hardening and there was a warm wetness between her thighs.“I think we should stop this conversation,” she said, frantically trying to gain control of the situation, “wh….what are you doing.”Paul was unzipping his trousers, he released his cock which was semi hard.“Stop it this instant Paul,” she demanded, feeling a surge in her belly as her eyes focused on his cock, “oh my god!” She cried as she registered the size of him.“Anthony says l’m very big,” Paul said, taking hold of his cock and stroking it, proud of how it quickly stood to full erection, the head glistening with pre cum, the shaft serving up well past his belly button. “Anthony says that once you see it you’ll want it in your cunt.”Jane’s head was spinning, she had thought that Colin’s cock was as big as they come, but Paul was even bigger, it must have been at least twelve inches and far too thick to encompass it with one hand. She stared at the glistening head, felt a surge of heat between her legs. She watched as Paul rose from his chair.“Oh no!” She shouted, “no, no, no, nnnnnnn…no, don’t you dare….sit down Paul…..put that away and sit down.”“I only want you to touch it Mum,” he said, stepping round the coffee table, “is it bigger than Dad’s, just hold it and tell me if it feels good.”“No Paul,” she cried, unable to avert her eyes from his throbbing shaft as it bobbled in front of her face. “This is wrong Paul, you must stop this….be a good boy and put it away, l promise l won’t tell your father.”“Show me your tits Mum,” he said, “go on, show me your tits.”“No Paul,” she pleaded, “stop this n…….Oh god!”Before she could stop him, he reached down pulling her dressing gown open, revealing her naked breasts. Jane struggled to try and pull her dressing gown together, but with her wine in one hand it was not easy, then, as she moved to try and cover up, his cock brushed against her face.“Do you want to suck it Mum,” he said, taking hold of his cock and waving it before her. “I know it’s big but you could get the tip of it in your mouth.”“Please stop this,” Jane pleaded, fighting not only her son but also her own body as she felt it reacting to the situation. Her nipples were rock hard, she was soaking wet between her thighs. She stared at the cock dancing before her, a bead of pre cum oozing from the eye.Paul reached down, pulling her dressing gown away from her body, revealing her completely naked. Jane made no attempt to stop him.“You’re beautiful Mum,” he said.“No l’m not,” she said, draining the last of the wine from her glass, “l’m old and fat.”“No you’re not Mum,” he said, his eyes travelling over her body, he had never seen a naked woman in the flesh, he knew he wanted to leap on her and push his cock deep into her body, but he was frozen to the spot. “Anthony says you’re beautiful, much better looking than his Aunt Mary, he wants to fuck you too.”Jane just gave a groan of anguish, “What are you doing?” She thought to herself, “this is madness, stop it now.”….but she couldn’t stop it, she didn’t want to stop it. She looked at that magnificent cock before her, looked at the thick curving shaft, lined with bulging veins, she could see them pulsating. She looked at the bulbous purple head, throbbing with his heart beat, glistening with pre cum, another bead oozing from the eye.She dropped her glass onto the carpet, reaching out, she touched his shaft with the tip of her finger, she traced her finger along one of the veins, up the length of his cock to where the foreskin was peeled back to reveal the head. Her finger traced over the head, the smooth flesh sticky with pre cum. She lifted her finger, a silken thread of pre cum clinging to it. She placed her hand around the shaft, feeling the solid hardness of youth, feeling it pulsating in her grip. It was too big, her hand was nowhere near able to encompass it. She gave another groan as it pulsed in her grip.“That’s nice Mum,” he said, “you want me to fuck you, don’t you?”Jane couldn’t reply, she just stared up at him, her beautiful son, that she had loved from birth, that she had nursed and nurtured all through the difficult times when they struggled to come to terms with the fact that he wasn’t perfect, that something in his head was just not in the right place, that it completely controlled his personality. But she had loved him even more through those difficult days, when he was finally diagnosed as mildly autistic they began to get answers and to understand better how to care for him. Paul could be very much a loner, but Jane knew that recently he seemed to have become far more relaxed and sociable.“Why don’t you kiss it Mum?” He said, his words jolting her back to reality.She looked at the head of his cock, she could see it pulsing, she could feel beylikdüzü escort the power in his shaft. There were alarm bells ringing in her head, a voice was telling her that this must not go any further, she must stop now. But she couldn’t stop, she didn’t want to stop. This cock was beautiful, it wanted her, she wanted it. Leaning forward, she kissed the eye of his cock, tasting the bead of pre cum oozing from it. Then she parted her lips, opening her mouth wide, the head of his cock filling her mouth. She had to stretch wide to take him, even then, she could only just get the head into her mouth.“That’s good Mum,” he sighed, “your mouth is soft and warm, can you taste me Mum? Can you taste my cum?”Jane looked up at him as she tried to take more of him into her mouth. That voice in her head had gone, there was no point, she knew that she had crossed the threshold, there was only the downward spiral to depravity waiting for her.“I want to fuck you now Mum,” he said, “show me what to do.”Jane released his cock, giving the head one final kiss. She moved back onto the sofa, lying back and spreading her legs. Paul knelt between her legs, he remembered how his father had lifted her legs, he wondered if he should do the same, but he didn’t want her to get any idea that he was more knowledgeable.He took hold of his cock, placing the head between the lips of her cunt. “Is that right Mum?” He said, “is that where l put it?”“Yes baby, in there….slowly,” she replied.“You’re very wet Mum,” he said, “have you peed.” He remembered hearing his father telling her how she could pee with his cock inside her.“Just put it in me baby,” she said.Paul leaned forward, supporting himself with his hands either side of her head. “He was surprised how easily he slipped inside her, he lowered himself onto her.”“Mmmmmmmm,” was all she could say as that huge cock slipped into her. She suddenly realised that he was lying fully on top of her, that she had taken him fully, she was amazed at how easily she had accepted him. “Just stay there for a minute,” she said, “don’t move.”“You’re hot inside Mum,” he said, “you’re burning me, it feels good Mum, does it feel good for you?”“Yes baby, it feels good,” she said. Suddenly her whole body quivered, a surge of heat went through her body, she felt her cunt flooding with her orgasm.“Are you cumming Mum?” He said, “Anthony said you would, he said that once you saw my cock you wouldn’t be able to…..”“Shush baby,” she interrupted him. “No more talking….just fuck me….nice and slow.”Paul began to move then let out a groan as his orgasm came.“Ohhhh nooooo,” he groaned.“That’s okay baby,” Jane tried to reassure him as she felt his cock pulsate inside her, filling her with hot spunk. “Just let it come baby.”“But l wanted to fuck you,” he cried, unable to stop himself from humping into her as his cock pumped his spunk into her.“It’s okay baby,” she said, “it often happens the first time, it’s perfectly normal, just let go, let it cum, just don’t pull out, stay in me.”“Can you feel me cumming Mum?” He said, “does it feel good?”“Yes baby,” she replied, raising herself to meet him as he humped into her, “it feels very good baby, l can feel your cum filling me up, it’s beautiful.”“Your cunt is so hot Mum,” he said, “it feels like my cock is on fire.”“That’s good baby,” she cried as her own orgasm came.“Oh Mum,” he said, “l can feel that, l can feel you cumming Mum, does that mean l’m doing it right?”“Yes baby,’ she cried, “yes it’s right, it’s beautiful, don’t pull out, stay in me.”Paul felt the urgency pass, he heartbeat slowed, his orgasm ceased. Then he felt his mother’s cunt contracting squeezing his cock.“What are you doing Mum?” He said.“I’m milking you baby,” she replied, “l want to keep you hard, l want you to fuck me.”“What, again?” He said, “you want me to fuck you again.”“Yes baby, but properly this time,” she replied, “you won’t cum as quick now, you can fuck me properly, l want to feel your beautiful cock fucking me……wait, pull out.”“I thought you didn’t want me to,” he replied.“I want you to do me from behind,” she said, “it’s called doggy style, it’s easier for you to fuck me harder that way.”Paul did as she requested, leaning back and pulling his cock out of her cunt, he saw a dribble of white spunk trickling out of her cunt, he was tempted to scoop it up with his finger and taste it but though his mother might not like that. As soon as he was disengaged, Jane extricated herself, turning over onto her knees, her legs parted, her bum raised.“Fuck me now,” she said, “you can do it harder this time, it will take you a while to cum again so don’t stop.”Paul positioned himself behind her, just as he had seen on the internet. As he went to position his cock, he accidentally rested it against her puckered anus, he could see that it was still red, just like it had looked when his father was inspecting it.“Oh no Paul!” Jane cried out, “no no no, not there a Paul.”“But l’ve seen men doing it with girls on the porn sites,” he said, “Anthony says he does it with his Aunt Mary, he says she didn’t like it at first but she likes it now, he says it’s very tight.”“No Paul, please,” she begged, “no, you’re too big, no Paul, please….fuck my cunt.”“But l’m all slippery,” he said, “can l just try it to see what it feels like?”“No Paul, please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded, “please Paul….perhaps one day….but please, do it in my cunt please.”Jane was in a state of panic, her bum hole was still sore from the activities with Colin, Paul was much bigger, he felt huge inside her pussy, there was no way she could stand the pain if he tried to put it inside her bum. She knew it was her fault, she should never have let it get to this, she should have put a stop to it right at the start, but once she’s seen his cock it was as if she was unable to control herself, she had known as soon as she had seen it that she was going to let him fuck her, her body demanded it. Now, here she was, on her knees before him, begging him to fuck her, begging him to ram that beautiful cock deep into her cunt and fuck her hard.“Please Paul,” she sobbed, “l promise l will let you do it one day, but please, not now…please baby, l want you in my cunt, please fuck me.”Anthony had been right, Paul thought, he had said that she would go crazy for his cock once she saw it. He was growing impatient himself, his cock was rock hard, it was throbbing that hard it was almost painful, he knew how good it felt in her cunt, how hot and welcoming. He decided he couldn’t wait any longer. Moving the head of his cock down to nestle between the lips of her cunt, he felt her relax. Gripping her hips with both hands, he pulled her back hard as he thrusted his hips forward, his tummy crashing into her buttocks as he drove his cock into her.“Oh Jesus Christ, yes…yes…yes,” she screamed, as her body accepted him.Suddenly there was no hesitation as he began to fuck her. Long hard thrusts, slamming against her, Jane pushing back to meet each thrust, crying out each time he crashed against her.Once again he felt the heat of her body burning his cock, he buried himself deep inside her, holding her tight against him. Reaching under her, he grabbed her breasts, hearing her cry out as his fingers dug into her bruised flesh.The pain from her breasts was the final straw that broke her, her orgasm exploded through her body, she felt a flood of juices flowing down her cunt, felt the liquid running down her thighs as he humped against her. His fingers tightened on her breasts and another orgasm followed the first. There were stars before her eyes, she was sure she was about to pass out the pleasure was so intense.Jane couldn’t support herself any longer, she collapsed onto the sofa. Paul had to release her breasts, gripping her under her hips and lifting her as he rammed into her time and time again. Each thrust greeted by his mother with a plaintiff cry. He felt her tremble again, this time not as powerful but he knew it was another orgasm.Both of their bodies were covered in perspiration, Paul carried on fucking her, driving down hard into her. He felt his own orgasm approaching. Suddenly he had a vision of the picture Anthony had shown him of his Aunt, her face covered in spunk.He pulled his cock out of her, ignoring he cry of anguish as he left her. Standing beside her, he ordered her to turn over. Jane was still shivering with orgasm, she only knew to obey him. Rolling onto her back, she looked up to see him above her, smiling down at her as he stroked his cock.“Open your mouth Mum,” he ordered, feeling his orgasm was close. “Take my spunk Mum, open your mouth.”Jane obeyed, her own fingers diving between her legs, finding her clitoris, causing more tremors to wrack her body. She looked up at him as the first jet of spunk shot across her face, blinding her one eye. The next followed, and the next, streaking across her face, onto her hair, her nose filled with spunk, her mouth filled with spunk.As his orgasm finally subsided, Paul supported himself on the back of the sofa, leaning over her, his cock hanging above her face.Jane kissed his cock. “Thank you,” she said, licking the residue of juices from his shaft.“Was it good Mum?” He said, “did l do it right?”“It was perfect baby,” she whispered as she continued to clean the residue from his cock.“I can’t wait to tell Anthony,” he said, “he wants to fuck you too, it’s going to be so good Mum, he has all sorts of ideas of things to do with you, things that he’s seen on the internet.”Jane was still in a state of euphoria, her body still trembling with aftershock. Her brain barely registered what he was saying, something about fucking her again. She could only fall back on the sofa, wiping the spunk from her eye, licking it from her fingers. She could only smile up at him.“That’s nice,” she said, not knowing at all what she was agreeing to.

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