Me And My First Family Encounter. Part Four


Me And My First Family Encounter. Part FourMe and My First Family Encounter. Part Four. Passion and lust.My first family encounter continues. If you have read part one, to part four of my true story posts, you will discover the true fact that I have been having real sex with my mother for some years before this next part of my TRUE STORY…….. But things seem to have got far more hot between my hot horny sexy mother and me, much hotter in fact, since I was now at the age of 18.This evening I felt hot and horny, in fact I had been feeling hot and horny for the whole day, but I had not done anything to myself to make me feel better, I was saving my pent up sexual frustration for my sexy mother to take care of, my mother would soon be home after seeing her friends, me and her had a great sexual connection, so when she arrived she looked at me her young 18 year old son, I was tall and slim, I had black short hair, and my chest was smooth, I have also a big long and thick nice looking cock, I have seen my mother in the shower many a few times, she looked so hot, and that was where we first ever engaged with each other in a horny taboo, forbidden sexual act. Since then she has seen me having a shower on several occasions and she had looked over my wet horny boy body and my cock, it was not erect but it was already big, I thought to myself that when my 18 year old cock gets erect and gets up fully that it will be very, very big and very hard, for my mothers gaze and it will make my own mothers pussy to become wet with excitement.After I greeted my mother I had slipped off upstairs to have a shower, I suspected that my mother had gone upstairs a little while after I got in the shower, and yes I was right, my mother had indeed looked at my teen boy cock, and looking at my cute virile male body, looking over my wet, hot, fit, 18 year old male body, in the shower and that had truly made my mother very wet, my 18 year old chest is smooth, I am 6ft tall and I have short black hair, I am medium built, I have some muscle but not too much, I do not smoke, I am fit, and I am very well endowed and I can tell that my mother will be getting excited looking over my body in the wet shower. I also know that my mother likes sex, she loves giving oral, she loves to receive oral and she loves to fuck and like like most young 18 year old boys do, I like to lick, suck and fuck also. And both of us, mother and son have shared a shower in the past during our taboo & forbidden encounters over the previous years, and that was mind blowing.So now for the twist in this true story of mine, I am now going to write the rest of this true account, from my mothers point of view, to try to explain to you in steamy detail what she was thinking, how she got me. and how I got her, and how she fucked me again and how I fucked her.Now that perhaps you understand where this story is leading onto, and you have heard a short background, read on…………..My mother is thinking, and saying the following………Oh , I know my son likes sex as much as I do, oh I got so wet looking at him in the shower, I have also heard him with one of his young girlfriends having it, but there is one more thing about this and my son and me that many near us do know about, and that is that my young 18 year old son has been flirting with me for weeks, I am 43, my husband left me ages ago. Not wanting to have any more additions to my family I had my tubes tied, and when that procedure settled down, I found out my husband was leaving me and this left me feeling horny and horny for cock, and with my sons constant flirting with me in the house over the weeks getting more naughty I could tell that my young 18 year old son, still wanted to fuck me, and to be honest I still wanted to fuck him.My son and I have not spoken to each other about this, there is no need to talk about this, I am not having to seduce my son, my son is trying to give me signals that he wants it with me very much, and it has not gone unnoticed from me, I can assure you of that fact. Some mothers would stop letting this kind of thing happen, but I did not stop that, I have never stopped it bakırköy escort from back when it first started, and I have no regrets.So, I decided just to let things carry on if they was going to, I decided that he, my young 18 year old son would always have to make the first move, and if he did make a sexual move on me, then I would not stop him!So this is how our taboo encounters carried on. So read on if you still find it exciting……It is early evening time at our home, I came home and caught a glimpse of my young virile 18 year old son having his shower, god he looked so cute and horny, and he has a big long thick yummy looking cock. After I took a quick peek at my son in the shower I had a little play with my pussy whilst I spied on him, all wet, god I wanted him, but I would wait till after we had, had some food, so I went back downstairs to cook some food for me and my son.My son came down to the kitchen, we sat down and eat our meal at the kitchen table, I had some wine with our food and our food was nice, and now me and my son have finished having our tea, it’s just me and my son in the house as is often the case. We are now in the lounge, my young 18 year old son is sitting on our large settee, I waste no time to sit next to him on the settee, I sip some more of my red wine that I had started to drink during our evening meal, the red wine is making me feel hot and my excitement is growing and the sexual energy connection between me and my 18 year old son is building up. We chat about this and that, we make small talk, as we talk, I stand up and move to the side of the settee and turn the small lamp on, then I slowly walk over to the main light switch in our lounge and turn it off, leaving just a dim light in the room, and I return to sit with my son on the settee.We begin to chat again and as my son and me chat my horny son moves his hand up to one of my big breasts and rubs over it through the material and toys with my big hard nipple, I say nothing at all to my son, because as I told you at the start of my side of this story, I knew that one evening or at some point my son would try to feel me up again and not just flirt with me, and it has now started. As I said nothing to stop him, one of his other hands moves over my knee rubs over my knee gently and and moves down my leg and then he slides it slowly up the inside of my leg, my skirt just about covers me, my pussy is shaved and my horny young 18 year old son is smooth like I am.As my naughty teen son feels over my breast and horny hard big nipple I can see that my sons big cock has started to bulge in his jeans, my son is still busy feeling my leg up also, he slides his hand further up the the inside of my leg, when he reaches my knee again he moves his hand over my knee and then further up along the top of my leg and gently moves his hand under my skirt and then UN-challenged he moves his hand right between my legs. I open my legs apart a bit giving my horny son easier access to my panties covered sex, he begins to gently rub over my covered shaved pussy. His actions have made me feel very, very horny, so much so that as my son rubs over my nipple, breast and knickers covered shaved pussy, I notice his bulge between his legs, he too is getting very excited and I slowly reach my hand over to his bulge between his legs and I slowly begin to feel it’s hardness, I rub over his bulge through his jeans as he rubs over my now very wet shaved pussy, my horny son is getting even more harder and I am getting wetter. Me and my son have now stopped talking, our hands are doing all the talking. I want to fuck him and he wants to fuck me, we both know that we will fuck, and when we fuck it will not be on the settee, we know that my bedroom is only in the very next room from the lounge, and that my own bed has been reserved for me and my horny 18 year old son.The sexual heat that has built up between my horny son and me has now grown to fever pitch, I have noticed that my son is getting very eager to do more with me than just feel me and for me to feel him, so I gently say to my horny son. “Hey Randy, why don’t beşiktaş escort you go to come to mummy’s bedroom with me and we can see what comes up.” “Oh, yes mother I would love to go to your bedroom with you.” With hearing that, I slowly get up off of the settee, and my horny 18 year old son does the same as my young 18 year old son stands up, I can see that his cock is pushing right up against his jeans, it looks like it wants to escape the confines of his jeans, and I savoured at the thought of getting his cock out. “Oh my.” I said to my son “It seems that you have a problem.” “Would you like mummy to sort your problem out and show you what your father is missing?” “Oh, yes mummy, my son eagerly replied, “I want you mummy, I have wanted you for ages.” ” Oh how naughty that is son, you know I did not come on to you, but I waited to see if you did, and when you did, I would not stop you.” I said warmly. “Yes mummy, I have been flirting with you, I have not had a girlfriend for ages, and I have been thinking of you.” “Oh really.” I replied. “Well we are alone son, so let’s go to my bedroom and we can have fun.” “Do you want to come to my bed?” I asked. “Oh yes mummy.” My son replied. “OK babe, come follow mummy.” With that we slowly walked out of the lounge, we have slipped out of the lounge, and have gone from anyone’s view, I and my randy young 18 year old son have slipped off to my bedroom.The rest of the house is quiet but for the faint soft sounds of two people getting close in the bedroom that is the only sound that can be heard, those two people are me and my horny 18 year old son, we are now standing facing each other by the double bed, we are feeling each other up and we are getting very, very intimate with each other in the bedroom, our heads move close together our mouths open, our tongues come out to play, they meet tip to tip, our tongues lap against each others , then they entwine like mating snakes, my sons horny kissing of me, matches my horny kissing of him, we are vying with each other, it’s so naughty and erotic, the sounds of clothing being removed, then the bed creaks a bit as me and my randy young teen son get on top of it, I am soaking wet and horny as fuck now and my sons cock is fully erect and eager to get inside of me and to be up my big horny mature wet pussy.In the privacy of my bedroom me and my horny son are lying next to each other naked on top of the bed, all of our clothes are lying in an uneven random way on the floor, my young virile 18 year old son is on his back on my big double bed and I start to play with his big long hard teen boy cock, I move myself and I move my hands over my sons smooth chest, I play with his nipples, he loves that, I lick over them, I slowly plant kisses along his young chest, moving slowly sensually down over his tummy and down to his crotch, I move my hands over his young cock, I lift his cock to my mouth and I begin to go down on him, sucking on him, getting him well up, as I suck my sons horny young cock I stroke his thick long shaft and I play with my sons big full heavy balls. In return my randy son starts to play with my big wet mature horny pussy. My sons 18 year old teen cock is now fully erect, it has reared up like a king cobra, and it’s knob is glistening with pre-cum, it’s a very horny sight, my 18 year old sons cock also twitches and pulses as I see it reared up below me and I feel it and lick it and suck it eagerly, my 18 year old son is loving this attention from me on his horny cock, he is rampant for it, he is gagging for more than oral sex, I would love him to give me oral sex, but that can wait for another time, my son is fully hard and excited now, and he wants to fuck! And I am soaking wet and eager for him to ravage my horny pussy with his rampant member!He wants to fuck me, and I want to fuck him, I get on my back, and I move my legs wide open, offering my open mature, wet pussy, to my sons gaze, “Oh Randy, come and fuck mummy, you can have me all the way babe, You know that I have had my tubes tied, you can fuck me all the way until you cum up mummy baby!” “Would you like beylikdüzü escort to get your horny cock up mummy baby?” “Oh yes mummy, I want to mate with you mummy, I want to get my hard boy cock up your big wet pussy mummy.” ” Oh Randy baby, yes come fuck mummy, get between my legs and get your cock up me!” “Come on baby fuck mummy!” with that,my very eager son moves his body on top of mine and gets himself settled between the space between my legs, his young thick shafted long cock is poking right up, his impressive cock has a nice curve to it, his cock is a fully erect spear, his legs move under my legs, he gets into position he pushes closer, his big knob head connects with my puffy wet open pussy lips, his young big knob moves them apart, my inner pussy lips suck him in, he thrusts into me, in and out, in and out, the fucking of my horny wet pussy from my randy young 18 year old son has begun, and my pussy wants my sons big hard cock and my sons big hard cock wants my big wet open pussy. We are now locked together on my double bed, fucking hard, and then fucking slow, we are sexing with each other, my mature wet pussy verses my 18 year old sons big long hard thick cock, as he fucks me I rub over my big horny clit and by rubbing over my big horny clit I massage his big horny knob and the top shaft of my horny sons cock, my action is making him more randy and making him want to fuck me his mother harder, which he does. The sounds of our wet slapping fucking and groaning and gasping fills the room, our passionate sex noises fill the room even more, his hard, long, thick, teen cock is giving me orgasm fare orgasm, my young 18 year old son has great stamina and he is keeping going and not showing any intention of climaxing up me yet, the bed is shaking below caused by us with the intense fucking action on the bed between me and my randy son, the firm mattress is also moving up and down below us both as the rhythm of our intense fucking matches that of each others, my sons downward strokes meeting my upwards pushes, our hips are now locked, butting together at first then meeting a bit sideways, our locked sexes are getting even closer, we screw and fuck each other like this for about 15 minuets, “Oh my god the stamina of youth.” I think to my self, then my son pulls out all the way and turns me over and gets behind me and gives it to me deep doggy style, until my son cums up my big open wet pussy from behind, as he cums up my pussy, I cum on him. We have both cum. We lay resting then we part company he slips off to go wash and I go for a shower. In my shower I feel no shame, my young 18 year old son has just fucked me, on my double bed once again, our forbidden taboo act has broken the rules again and I loved it, I am a very naughty mother, and I have a very naughty teen son.So that concludes this part of my Family Experience Series…….. But,To give you an incite into my further writing to come about this is detailed below….. The next time I will be writing about how I had my mother on entry. I have my mother and it will be for sex on entry, my mother will go straight to the bedroom on entry, there will be no need to say anything apart from hello our bodies will do all the talking and the sex will be lusty horny and intense. As we play and fuck nobody will be watching, nobody will know that we have done before, and nobody will know that we are doing it again. It’s just me and my mother now and I get at it with her on her double bed or my double bed, my mother leaves her bedroom door open, and I can come to my mothers bed anytime I want to, if I am randy and I wants to fuck my mother I can whenever I want, My mother told me this.After that, me and my mother will either meet at our home whilst she is working for horny quickly one on one sex session, or she will go to my room and fuck, better than my girlfriends have done before. My Mother left me a note on my bed the very next day, this is what it said.”I love my son. You are mine, we love each other, I like having good sex from a randy son like you This is just PASSION SEX, just good hard horny randy sex. And you love to be fucking me.One more thing son. I am to going adopt another son, he is also 18. How do you feel about that?I know you are bisexual son, and guess what. This other lad is bisexual also.”Mom. xxxI will tell you about what I thought when I read this, and what took placeIn the next part of My . True Story.

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