Mistis’ Adventures Part 91


Mistis’ Adventures Part 91The Kelly house was strangely quiet. Sue and her Dad, Pete, had gone up to his bedroom, and taken a shower together. Sue had scrubbed him thoroughly, first, and he, in turn, had scrubbed her the same way. He had, washed her as carefully as he had when she was a baby, and then as a little girl. She had ALWAYS love the feeling of his hands scrubbing her. At first simply as her Father, then as the man she loved most in the whole, wide world. Her protector, and her teacher. He had taught ALL the k**s, at first, the simpler, or less strenuous tasks, and gradually, things more strenuous, and involved. Mom had done the same. She taught them how to cook, how to clean the house, even the sewing and ironing. The boys as well as the girls. The boys, when they asked why THEY needed to learn to keep house, had been told that someday THEY would have families, and their wives would need help at times. They would have to wash clothes, cook meals, and all the other things around the house, in case their wives couldn’t do them. In short, she was training them to be HUSBANDS and FATHERS.Pete had cleaned her, and kissed her everywhere as he rinsed her off. It had made her tingle all over. He was her Knight in Shining Armor, her defender from evil, and her comfort when she encountered any obstacle. He was her FIRST LOVE.When they finished their shower, he dried her with a towel, just as carefully as he had washed her. The tingle had increased to a near fever pitch. She had watched as his dick increased in size as she washed his groin, and it had grown bigger than she had remembered. It was even BIGGER than Rick’s. It had gone down when she finished washing him, but was STILL BIG! He had never been circumcised, when he was a c***d, and she had skinned the hood back to clean it. Her eyes grew as she watched it swell. She had leaned down and kissed the tip if it. There was a tiny drop of pre-cum on it, and she licked it, tasting the slightly salty taste of it. Mom had taught them that it was the best tasting thing they would encounter. SHE was RIGHT!!! IT WAS YUMMY!!!Pete carried her to the bed, strong for his age, from a life of hard work, and placed her gently in her Mother’s place. He had crawled over her, and taken her in his arms, like when she was growing up, and held her like she was still a little girl His hands were calloused from work, and as he moved his hands over her body, it was a little scratchy, but, so VERY nice. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips, for the very first time. He always, before, kissed her cheek, or her forehead, or even her shoulders. He patted her on the back, or, sometimes when they were playing or teasing each other, on the butt. He was holding the cheek of her butt, squeezing and rubbing it. He ducked his head farther down, and sucked at her nipple, sending renewed thrills through her body. He kissed the breast around it and moved to repeat with the other breast and nipple. She was panting as she felt more tingling, centered in her groin and abdomen. She rolled to her back for him.He rubbed her belly, inserting his finger into her belly- button, and moving it slowly to fondle and squeeze her Mons. It was, she knew, very soft, and she had shaved it just before istanbul escort Rick had taken her to town, this morning. She had rubbed it carefully with baby oil, and after a bit, had used shaving cream to finish the job. She had rubbed it over, trying to find any stubble, and, after about 10 minutes of trying, knew it was completely hair free. She had applied a tiny bit of cologne to make it smell nice, primarily for Rick, who was downstairs, talking to her parents, but also, in case she had the opportunity to make love to his family. She wanted to make the best first impression on THEM that she could. She hoped they would approve of her and Rick, being together. It was paying off dividends, now, for her Father.He parted the slit of her pussy, that others had told her was absolutely beautiful, and kissed the insides of it, slowly licking her. She shuddered with her first orgasm of their coupling. His tongue was probing her depths, now, and licking carefully inside of her pussy. She shuddered and shook from several more orgasms. She had a nearly steady stream of her juices running down the insides of her thighs. He ignored it, instead drinking from the spring of her body. She felt his tongue teasing at her clitoris, daring it to come out and play. It stood proudly, defying his tongue to push it down. She was pitching and jumping at each stroke he gave it. She wanted to turn around and take him in her mouth to give HIM pleasure, but was wont to interrupt him.He was tearing a piece of her soul with each stroke of his tongue, and making her want to beg for mercy. She finally decided that he deserved such treatment in return, as a reward. She pushed him to his back and quickly positioned herself with her pussy where she could feel the breath from his nose, and sucked his dick into her mouth. It tasted even better than it had in the shower. It gave her a feeling of calm, like a c***d with a pacifier. She sucked it like a calf at its Mother’s teat. Sucking hungrily, seeking the wonderful fluid it contained. It gave her energy, and, under the right circumstances, would give her a c***d of her very own. MAYBE!!! SOMEDAY!!!She felt his balls swelling, and the little quivers, and knew, from experience, she was near to making him cum in her mouth. She stroked him faster, and gripped him a little tighter, and sucked harder. She received the salty pre-cum, then the cum, itself, flooding into her mouth in a mighty stream. She gulped, swallowing as fast as she could. It was HERS! ALL HERS!!! It was hers, FOREVER!!!. No one could ever take it away from her. She savored the first taste of her FATHER’S cum. She would treasure it, ALWAYS! NOW!!! She needed some more, FOR HER PUSSY!!!She quickly turned, and sat back, taking his penis all the way to his balls, inside of her pussy. She began to rock to and fro, squeezing with her internal muscles to keep him rigid inside of her. She rode him like the guys in the rodeos rode the wild horses and bulls. His dick twitched, again. She was about to make him cum inside of her. She relaxed and separated from him, allowing him to relax, as she turned to re-seat herself looking away from his face. She wanted him to avcılar escort watch, as his dick went in and out of her, and enjoy it so he would want a repeat, as many times as possible. She was breathing as fast as he was, as she had cum so MANY times as she rode him. She was enjoying this, as she had NEVER enjoyed another lover. EVERY time she had cum, her pussy had squeezed his cock, so that he KNEW what he was doing to her, and how SHE was enjoying it. She loved him MORE now, than she ever had in her LIFE. She had achieved her ultimate expression of love. She would do her best to show him the SHE was HIS, and always WOULD be.She held him lightly, with only 2 fingers to guide him back inside of her. She felt the tip touch her, and sat back to re- engulf him in her velvety, wet, and EXTREMELY hot, little cunt. It tickled SO NICELY as it made its way into her depths. It made her cum, yet, one MORE time. SHE was in ECSTASY!!! She used her knees, this time to lift, and lower herself to him, trying to give him the best view of their encounter, that she could. She wanted, so MUCH, to make him desire her as a woman, and a LOVER, forever. She felt his hands gripping her ass, and knew that he was about to give her what she wanted, and NEEDED the most in her young life. HIS SEED, and HIS LOVE!!! For the first time, she regretted her birth control pills. She wanted to bear HIS c***d. To present it to him, and him know, that it was HIS c***d. THE FRUIT OF HIS LOINS!!She felt him shudder, and push up to meet her, and then she felt the hot liquid pour from him, into HER! He gushed inside of her, filling her completely, to her satisfaction, with his hot cum. IT WAS DONE…FOR NOW!!! She wanted several more repeat performances with him. She would do ANYTHING necessary to get him, again, tonight. Mom had said, not too long ago, that he enjoyed using the back door, also. She had tried it a few times, and decided, after the first, which was a bit painful, that she enjoyed it as much as she did in her pussy. She could cum almost as fast taking it up her ass, as she could in her twat. The only thing she had done, that didn’t make her cum, was eating a guy’s pecker. She had to diddle herself to cum while giving a blow-job. BUT! She enjoyed THAT, TOO!!! She would have to remind herself to thank Wally, her oldest brother, for teaching her about sex, and all the neat tricks he had shown her. They, the other brothers and sisters, and THEIR families, would be here to visit in a week or two. Her sisters would thank her for making it where Dad would fuck THEM, too.She raised up, to dismount, cupping her hand under her pussy, so not to get cum on the sheets. Mom had a box of tampons in the drawer of her nightstand, so she took one, her Dad watching her insert it inside herself. She laid across him, kissing him with all the love she felt, and enjoying the way his chest hair felt on her breast, and especially on her nipples. She had always enjoyed sitting in his lap, or just holding him to her, when he wasn’t wearing his shirt. She loved to feel the coarse hair on his chest rubbing her hand, or her face. Especially if SHE was topless, which was nearly ALL the time, against HER bare chest. They got şirinevler escort up and went into the bathroom. Daddy was insistent about cleaning up when he finished having sex, EVERY TIME. Her bedroom was across the hall, and she had heard him and Mom get up and take a shower 3 and 4 times during the night. She would dream about when it would be HER time to share the shower with him.They took another shower, just as they had before, and this time she led HIM to the bed, and sucked HIM, until he was hard again. This time she had laid next to him, and opened her legs to show him that she wanted him to get on top of her, and hold her down, to take her at his will. He understood. He held her knees around his elbows, and, after eating her pussy to several more orgasms, pushed his dick inside of her, none too gently, and fucking her to glory. She had cum even MORE this time, and received, in turn, an even bigger load of his cum. She had kissed him unmercifully, to show her thanks, and wrapped her legs around him, and dug her fingers into his back, hard enough to leave red marks. They would be gone by morning. Her fingernails were short enough NOT to break the skin. They took another shower. THIS time, Rick and Mom JOINED them. Mom AND Rick had both kissed her, and thanked her for letting them sleep together. Mom had received 3 loads from him for her effort, and declared him to be one of the MOST considerate, and forceful lovers she had EVER experienced. Dad had reached down and touched her pussy with his finger, and made her cum. She almost lost he balance, so they had to grab her arms to keep her from falling.THIS time, Rick and Sue went to HER bedroom, and Pete and Doris went to THEIR bed. Sue and Rick had heard them take 2 more showers before dawn. They had also heard their cries, moans, and gasps of pleasure. Her Mom had screamed 2 or 3 times, so they knew she was being taken good care of. They had only fucked one more time, but it had lasted a LONG time. She was so sensitive from her Dad, that he had touched HER pussy, and made HER cum several times. When he entered her, she had cum 3 times before he was in her all the way. She had cum several times when he washed her pussy in the shower, AFTERWARDS. They slept for a few hours, arisen, and eaten breakfast. NOBODY wore clothes. They had decided to go and visit the new babies, Pete and Doris wanted to meet the rest of the “gang”, so after a bit, and feeding the stock, they had finally dressed, and went to William and Sharon’s house.It had been an instant success. Promises were made to visit often. They had ALL ascertained the mindsets of the other couples. Doris had received advances from David and James, gleefully, and promised them more complete interactions, at their will. Doris had assured Liz, Clara, AND the younger members of the family that SHE was just as open to THEIR advances, as to their husbands. Pete had openly, and enthusiastically, announced his desire to get to know the LADIES, in EVERY way, possible. As they were leaving, Sue kissed all the members of the party, and made a point of introducing herself to Michael, who hadn’t been at the hospital. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and Sharon and Carol told Sue that THEY would be planning to go on an ALL-GIRL HUNT this fall. They could show the guys how it was SUPPOSED to be done, and rub their NOSES in it. Last fall, the guys had only brought home 3 deer, one of them a spike buck, among the 4 of them.The BEST had only been an 8 point, and HE had been scrawny. All looked forward to their next meeting.

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