Sex Studio Secrets #17: Hannie-2


Sex Studio Secrets #17: Hannie-2Hannie has sweet sexy experiences at Professor Peter, who blows her mind beyond her imagination!Hannie has many orgasms during our first sexy session, without me even entering her pretty pussy!As she trusts me and longs for more lessons in getting love she pleads at me to be my guest againNext weekend is all yours love, as I have no other obligations at the female clientele of my shopNice to feel welcome at you Professor Peter! I do hope I will be able to pay back that debt some dayI would not worry about any debt dear! Love is all about learning to take tasty lessons for freeEver since you made me come so often last long weekend of love, I can’t stop thinking about you![/i}Hannie has many sexy treats on offer, not only her bodily qualities of firm big breasts and bottomOr her auburn hair at her head and the burning big bush hiding her pretty pussy probably very sexyThe tasty teen slowly drops some of her defences and allows me to inspect her much more intimatelyLike to learn the proper way I like my bride to present herself to me every morning again my love?You stand legs spread wide right in front of me, with your back towards me, bend over very deep thenOpen your slit by both hands to show me your hidden beauties behind your redhot big bush, my beauty!Fine sexy sight indeed on offer! Keep looking at me between your legs love, start to stroke your slitFeel how red and wet you get! Hot idea to ask you to make yourself come for me, so close to my nose?Extremely erotically escort bayan encouraging, Professor Peter! Her face turns red signaling her coming comingReady to orgasm on my orders as I count down from ten tasty teen? I count ten, nine, eight, seven Sexy six … foxy five … is as far as I get in her hot count-down as my obedient dirty dear!Pretty precious Princess starts to orgasm from the count of four! I hold her thighs, as she tremblesRedhot redhead teen let me taste your pussy juices I lick her love lips for the very first timeOf course it does not stop her coming continuously in my face, feeling my nose poking in her womanhoodFeriously she friggles her mount over my wet chin, longing for an awesome orgasm which will never stopExhausted sexually, she lets the tides flow from her after coming for many minutes squirting my mouthShe gladly sits at my lap to rest and try to get back her breath by deep breathing, she hotly hugs meSuch a sexy surprise Professor Peter! I knew from books such hot comes can come to a wanton womanOver the top of my imagination it is! Every time I will play my pussy I will long for this experienceReally, my preferred Professor of Sex, you make me feel every inch a woman and my heart melts for youPretty Princess your intimate inspection and pleasing your pussy was the best debute in my experienceExtremely erotic is your sexual sensitivity and abilties to get excited from my most delicate offersTerrible tasty teen you are! Hard to imagine you are still relatively tuzla genç escort unexperienced as a real virginExtremely sexy to offer me a view at inspection of your hymen hidden deep inside your wet sexy snatchRelatively rare, even for me, after intimate inspection of numerous tasty twats of young yummy girls!Hannie starts to trust and love Professor Peter, longing for the moment to offer him her womanhoodThe terrific tasty teen seems lost in wonders for a while, as she remains silent for quite some timeOffer a quarter for your thoughts! I repeat an old expression from the times we had those coinsThinking about how I could ever pay you the same sexy pleasure you let me enjoy so far my Master!Always makes me feel awkward when I get unexpectedly so many presents not knowing what to give backKind of stupid I feel, knowing only in theory that a woman can pleasure her lover in a several waysExtremely unexperienced virgin you invited on your lap! I wish I would be more daring and knowing!Have no hurry hot horny honey! I enjoy and like you to initiate you bit by bit, shy step by sexy stepErotic exchanges between real lovers are beyond economic reasoning, there is no exchange rate in it!Really, the only thing which matters, is the pleasure of sharing sexual experiences so intimately!And I summarise the morals of the love lessons in practise by Professor Peter to tasty teasing teensNo obligation to offer anything more in return than your sincerity in experiencing my erotic offersDo not wonder tuzla kendi evi olan escort what you can do for me as long you will be busy learning love lessons from me, my love! My Master I do long to offer you soon all my orifices open, first for your fingers to feel inside meAnd I also do long to offer you to take my womanhood soon by your proud pretty penis for penetrationKeen I am! I need more time to overcome and bury my fears for future pleasure and your love lessonsEminent hospitality and patience I feel at you, so I decided to dare to speak my mind openly to you!Have no fear nor worries my dear, time will tell when it is time for this or that at your teen twat Everything is possible between us, yet still nothing needs to happen as long you enjoy your lessonsReally exciting to me to see how hot and excited you can get from my first tries and tasty touches!Have some sexy dirty dreams about you of course how our future could look in the land of my fantasiesI wish I could split myself into twins half my age, exactly yours, to take you together at both holes’Sexy sandwich’ people call this tasty threesome for a woman wanted by two lovers at the same moment!What a hot spicy sexy sandwich will you offer, after you will get as wise as a witch at a sandy beach?Oh please Professor Peter, stop to tease your innocent virgin teen with your naughty interesting ideasMy imagination explodes! How many men can a good witch handle in her hot sands? Only three, isn’t it?All you need is more experience and imagination my dear: how about your hands and under your armpits?Nice ride possible between your breasts I imagine! How many men do you have if you’re fully occupated?First letters taken together form:HANNIE HOTLY OFFERS PROFESSOR PETERTO TAKE HER AND MAKE HER HIS WOMAN

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