The lover that came at night. Chapter 1


The lover that came at night. Chapter 1Chapter 1 and chapter 2 is a fantasy between two consenting adults.The lover that came at night. Chapter 1 ** It was two hours before sunset. She knew he would come for her tonight. Because for the last week. Her bite mark started hurting. The beeping of the monitors & from a hiss of the I V machine was strong in her ears. She struggled slowly to stand and move to the rocking chair beside her bed. She carefully wrapped herself in the shawl that was on the chair and carefully set down and began to rock.**** Her mind began to drift back to her 18th year. She had been dating Philip since she was 17. Then out of nowhere the nurse touched her and said. Brenda, you need to stay in your bed and warm. Brenda snapped out of her dream and smiled at her nurse and said it’s okay let me sit here and rock for a while. It makes me feel good. The nurse knew better than to argue with her. The nurse smiled lovingly at her charge. Okay, but just for a little while. The nurse covered her with a blanket across her lap and another over her shoulders. Smiling, she told her I’ll be just next door if you need me, and place the button in her hand.**** She could hear the party going on downstairs and her mind begins to drift back to the Mardi Gras party of her 18th year. She had been dating Philip since she was 17. She remembers in late January when he took her virginity. He had invited her to his house. He had never done so. He always said his parents did not like the company. After the Mardi Gras party at her mother and father’s home. The two sweethearts went for a walk and went to his house. He escorted her around the house showing her all the different rooms and explaining his curse to her. He said I know you don’t believe me but I love you and I want you to know who I am. She smiled and said I understand. I loved you to with all her heart and soul.**** In the living room. They slowly kissed and hugged each other. He whispered into her ear. I would like to make love to you. She pulled back, shocked and smiled. But I am a virgin. She said I don’t know. She said. He softly hugged and kissed her and said it’s all right when you are ready. Let’s listen to the radio in the living room. They sat listening to the radio. Kissing and hugging and fondling each other through their close. Sitting next to her. He smiled lovingly at her. He reached the bottom of her knee-length skirt and began to fold it back. Her white cotton panties were now exposed.**** May I please rub your pussy? She smiled and nodded her head and opened her legs. He began to kiss her softly again. He took her hand and placed it on his cock and she could feel how hard and large it was. He softly began to rub her pussy through her panties. She pulled back as he was slowly massaging her pussy and undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She then placed her hand on his cock and felt it through his underwear. He tried to slide his hands under her panties but her legs closed in her hand grabbed anadolu yakası escort his. He smiled and pulled his hand back.**** Not here. Please show me your bedroom. She said. He looked at Brenda and asked are you sure? Are you ready? Again she said I love you and I want to be with you from now till we die. He smiled and took her gently by the hand and led her to his bedroom. In the bedroom. He unbuttoned her blouse and laid it on the floor. He unbuttoned and then unzipped her skirt and let it hit the floor. Brenda stepped out of her skirt. He knelt and removed her shoes and socks in her panties and bra. He stood and looked at her beautiful young body. She helped him off with his shirt and pants and pull down his underwear. His cock was soft now but still big. They looked at each other and he brushed the back of his hand across her bush. Taking her by the hand he said follow me.**** He led her to the bathroom and started the shower. They washed each other lovingly and hugged and kissed until the water turned cold. Do you trust me? He asked an odd question. She thought. Yes, why wouldn’t I? She said I wish to do something for you. It won’t hurt you but you must trust me. She smiled and looked down and said I do trust you. He led her to the counter next to the sink and helped her up onto it. After he put her feet in the drawers on either side. He grabbed a little stool and a pair of scissors. He looked up and smiled, and she nodded yes. He began to trim the hair around her pussy. Then with a straight razor and lather. He cleaned up the lips, only leaving a narrow strip of hair above her clit. Handing her mirror. She looked at his work. Do you like it? She nodded her head yes. She rubbed her pussy and enjoyed the feeling without the hair in the way.**** She smiled and looked at him and said now I look like you. We both have shaven genitals. He smiled and took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. He set her on the foot of the bed. Are you ready he asked? She smiled and lowered her eyes and said yes I am ready. Cross your wrists behind your back. She smiled and complied. He reached back and grabbed her wrists and began to kiss her aggressively on the lips. Their tongues intertwining. He growled in her ear and under her neck as he pushed her back. Growling and kissing his way down to her chest and breasts and then belly. He gently kissed her clit and she jumped. He used his fingers and pressed back the hood of her clit and began to suck on it. She’s had orgasms by your hand before but not as intense as these were.**** He stopped and then placing each heel in the foot board of the bed. He then grabbed her by the hips and pulled her forward a little. Brenda could not believe how exposed she felt and how full of lust she was. He gently opened her pussy and could see her hymen. Her pussy pulsating from her orgasms. She can feel him gently reach in and stroke her hymen. Then holding her open. He licked her pussy and ataşehir escort her hymen. Then releasing it with his tongue still in her. Sucking and wiggling his tongue. He could feel her contractions as she began to moan and have orgasms. He then allowed his tongue to slide out and down to her back door. Her protests came with him telling her to trust him. She took a deep breath and relaxed and said yes. I won’t hurt you. She relaxed even more.**** Soon, her ass began to gape. She could not believe how much she enjoyed the feel of his tongue against her ass. It even made her wetter. Suddenly he stopped and left and went to the dresser and came back with a bottle. He began to lick her ass again. In no time her ass began to gape again. As he licked he applied lube to his cock. He quickly stood and placed the head against her gaping ass. He looked her deep into her eyes and she nodded her head yes. ****He rammed it in as deep as he could go and held it until she relaxed. She squealed and her ass squeezed tight around his cock. He waited for a few minutes then asked are you ready again. She nodded yes. He began to slide his cock in and out and applying lube every so often. It felt amazing to her to feel his cock deep in her ass. He growled as he fucked her ass. Occasionally leaning over and nibbling and biting her on her neck. She loved his aggressive and forceful manner. It somehow turned her on. She didn’t understand why but it did.**** Soon, he grabbed her by her hips and rammed his cock and as hard and as deep as he could and held it in. He leaned over and bit her on the neck aggressively. He shot his load deep into her ass. She loved the feel of his cock pulsating with each ejaculation. She feels the pain of his teeth biting into the base of her neck and shoulder. As he continued to pump. He set up straight with his cock deep in her ass. Did I hurt you? Smile and shaking her head no I’m okay. Don’t move. He said I’ll be right back. He yanked his cock out of her ass and it made a noise. She could hear him washing his cock in the bathroom. He came back and wiped her ass clean of the lube. He then pulled her to her knees and said for her to kiss his cock. Reluctantly and timidly she complied and began to kiss the tip of his cock**** Lustfully and lovingly. She looked into his eyes as she kisses the tip of his cock. Lovingly and shyly. She asked him to teach her. He told her to open her mouth and to allow his soft cock in. Suck on it and lick on it in your mouth. As she did, is he instructed she could feel his cock get larger and larger. He pulls his cock against his belly and tells her, don’t forget the balls. Gently suck them in and roll them around in your mouth and lick them. As she did, he began to moan slightly and growl and let his hard cock slipped from his fingers. It hit her in the forehead with a thud. He grabbed her by the head and told her to stick her tongue out and he began to shove his cock in and out as deeply as it would ümraniye escort go. Soon she was covered in slobber and was enjoying taking them deep inside her throat.****He laid her on the bed with her head hanging off and began to aggressively push his cock into her mouth. Soon he stopped and wiped her face off with the cloth at the foot of the bed. Are you ready for me to make you a woman? She smiled and lustfully said yes. His large cock filled her mouth and she could only imagine how it would feel, or if you would fit in her tight virgin pussy. Go to the foot of the bed. He ordered and put your heels back against the floorboard. He began to lick and suck her clit and pussy again. He loved this taste in the smell of her female love juice. After a bit, he stood and asked are you ready? She smiled lovingly and lustfully into his eyes and said yes make me a woman.****He stood and went to the nightstand. He placed two condoms on his thick hard cock and wiped some lube onto it. He knelt and began to lick her pussy again. He then stood and placed the head of his cock just inside her pussy and began to slowly stroke in and out. He looked deeply into her lustful eyes and she nodded yes. He leaned over and biting her on the base of her neck and shoulder. He began to slowly stroke his cock in and out. Biting hard. He then shoved his cock deep as he could go into her tight pussy. She arched her back. Even with his weight on her. The extreme sharp pain of him ripping her hymen open. Caused her eyes to bug out and a sharp inhale of surprise from her. She let out with a scream of excruciating pain and he held it deep inside of her until she calmed down. He pulled his blood-covered cock from her and showed her with a mirror. Her new pussy.****He then ran three fingers through the blood. And on her face. He placed on each cheek three lines of blood and told her now. You are a woman and you have earned your blood stripes. He slid his cock back in and she winced with the pain. Soon, she didn’t have the pain. No more, and she had her ankles crossed behind his back as he aggressively fucked her pussy. It turned her on and made her more horny and lustful. Every time she would hear him growl and he would biter. They fucked until they fell asleep.**In the morning he was gone, but there is a note saying he had to go and do some family business. and that her close was clean and laying across the back of the chair and things were laid out for her to take a bath. She looked down at her pussy and saw it covered in dried blood. She gently touched it and it hurt. He had shown her her pussy. After he shaved it and before they went back to the bedroom. He opened her pussy lips and showed her her hymen. She carefully and softly walked to the bathroom. Her pussy still paining her from the night before. She looked around and got the mirror and opened up her pussy. Through the blood, she could see her hymen was torn now. She looked at the bite mark on her neck and thought how superficial and easily hidden it was. She thought. She quickly took a bath and got dressed and called from the corner phone booth to let her parents know she is on her way home and that she was okay. She had fallen asleep on his couch and his parents let her sleep.****As she rocked and thought of this. She softly fell asleep.**

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